§ H?tel in B?mb?y in 1840, g?e? t?

§  H?tel?
indu?try ?? we kn?w ?t?rted in the 19th ?entury with the devel?pment ?f m?j?r ?itie?,
e??ier ?e? tr?vel & ??ming up ?f r?ilw?y?. During M?gul rule, the f?rt?
& their ?urr?unding? w?uld ??ter t? the need? ?f the tr?veller ?ften in ex?h?nge
f?r n? m?re th?n the ?t?ry ?f their ?dventure? during their tr?vel ?r ?ny new?
fr?m ?ther t?wn? ?nd vill?ge? they p???ed by. in indi?, re?ting h?u?e? ??lled ?er?i?/??r?i?
?nd dh?r?m?h?ll?? were e?t?bli?hed ?n high w?y? by king? ?nd emper?r? ?f ?n?ient
?nd mediev?l peri?d?. M?vement ?f pe?ple b?th p?liti??l ?nd pilgrim?ge ?tre??ed
the need f?r better ?nd impr?ved f??ilitie? t? ??ter t? the v?ried need? ?f the
v?ri?u? ?l???e? ?f the ???iety.

§  M??t
?f m?dern h?tel? th?t ?pr?uted were m?n?ged by Eur?pe?n f?milie?. The B?mb?y h?tel
w?? ?pened in 1799.1 The Briti?h
br?ught m?dern h?tel? t? K?lk?t?. The ?lde?t w?? J?hn ?pen?e’? H?tel. ?pen?e’?,
the fir?t ever h?tel in ??i? w?? ?pened t? the publi? in 1830. The ?redit
f?r ?pening the fir?t We?tern ?tyle h?tel under the n?me ?f Briti?h H?tel in B?mb?y
in 1840, g?e? t? P?ll?njee Pe?t?njee w?? the fir?t h?tel t? give ? l? ??rte
?nd t?ble de hôte menu. Then ??me the ?u?kl?nd h?tel by D?vid Wil??n in
??l?utt? in the ye?r 1840-41 (n?w – The Gre?t E??tern H?tel – ?ffi?i?lly L?lit
Gre?t E??tern H?tel) i? ? ??l?ni?l er? h?tel in the indi?n ?ity ?f K?lk?t? – f?rmerly
??l?utt?) ?nd ??nnem?r? h?tel in m?dr?? in the ye?r 1870 by E. ?. ??k?hr?ff.
But n?w thi? pr?perty bel?ng? t? T?j gr?up.

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§  in
1971-72, ? be?utiful p?l??e ?f R?j??th?n w?? linked up t? the T?j, the l?ke p?l??e
in Ud?ipur, ? m?rble dre?m, ?fl??t l?ke pi?h?l? ?nd the R?mb?gh p?l??e, ?rigin?lly
?re?ted ?t the height ?f R?jput ?plend?ur in J?ipur. in 1903 he r?i?ed fin?n?e inve?ted
hi? ?wn m?ney, hired the be?t ?r?hite?t? ?nd ?r?ft?men ?nd build the exqui?itely
be?utiful T?j M?h?l h?tel in B?mb?y with 220 r??m?. M?h?n ?ingh ?ber?i t??k
??rlt?n h?tel in ?himl? ?n le??e in 1927, ren?med ?? ?l?rk? h?tel. He t??k ? building
in 1933 ?nd built gr?nd h?tel in ??l?utt?.

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