08:02 ready to blow you away. Real

08:02 pmDear Diary, Today is the best day of my liv life because today is the day I witnessed the greatest love story to ever exist, the love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (and Jacob Black, HAH! Spoiler alert). The adorable sparkly vampire Edward and the cute buff werewolf Jacob, Bella could never be luckier than this. Even ‘What Happens in Vegas’ will forever stay in Vegas because ‘Twilight’ is here and ready to blow you away. Real talk, Bella is seriously the luckiest girl to ever exist. I am so jealous of Bella, she gets to have Edward because guess what Bella?! Edward is MINE!!! Edward treats Bella so niceGoodbye for now.Love, Mrs. Cullen #TEAM EDWARD (300) Talks about edward Beautiful vampires (manipulate the mind)SundayDecember 3, 201704:54 pm Dear Diary,I’m sorry… After nine years, I finally found my old diary. Reading my last entry, which is about my undying love for Edward Cullen, I think I need to justify myself. I want to apologize for having to witness Mrs. Cullen cringe-worthiness phase and I can assure you diary, and myself, I’m a changed woman now. How come I never realized it? I wish I could’ve told my own self sooner regarding the portrayal of an abusive relationship in the media. It creates a scar to a seven years old, obsessing over an abusive couple. It’s quite hard for my seven years old self to ignore Edward and Bella’s relationship as ‘Twilight’ was such a successful movie. ‘Twilight’ brought a number of fanatics all over the world, and most are young girls including myself and older women. Which is a tad concerning. They adored the sparkly vampire Edward and the ordinary girl Bella’s relationship. The thing is… their relationship is entirely abusive and on both ends. It’s concerning how back then I used to dream of having a “perfect” relationship with Edward and Bella but now after many positive influences, I understand that their relationship is far from perfect. The portrayal of the character is what seems most problematic. Edward seems like the perfectly beautiful partner. He’s attentive and comes off as caring. His character portrays as if Bella is the only girl in the world for Edward. Which can be a good thing and many, including myself, want to be with someone as caring as Edward. Not until I realized, it’s a full-blown manipulation. The never-ending stalking – he watches her sleep, quite creepy. Throughout the movie, when things are getting tortuous, Edward wholly neglect Bella until she feels the need to put herself in an unsafe situation to attract his attention. What kind of man (technically, vampire) is he? His little manipulative tricks are betrayals of Bella’s borderlines and thoroughly takes away her independence – as she assumes that she never had any. What’s worse is that Bella has her own manipulative trick. A high school girl who goes out and try to risks her life in return to get a man’s attention while purposely provokes possible rapists and Edward feeds off of it. It is scary how easily movies or any other type of mass media can get away in (discreetly) promoting abuse or abusive relationship. Abusive relationships come in all shapes and sizes and you (yes, seven years old Razwa or as you thought of myself as “Mrs. Cullen”) should be wary of the exposure of toxic and problematic tendencies. The thing is that putting or portraying an abusive relationship in the mass media gives a sense that it is a normal behavior and teaching the young readers, who are inexperienced in relationships or love, that this is the type of relationship that they should have and expected. Fictional or not, it’s still abusive. Even I was a victim of mass media.