1.1 thoroughly analyze every corner of an entity,

1.1 Introduction;

Change plays an undeniable role in any organization. Most of
the people to don’t approve of this change because it may change their daily
routine. Employees fine it difficult to cope up with them. It should be taken
care of by the management system to pass on the change through appropriate
means of communication channel, and avoid any form of distortion. The employees
should be well aware of the pros and cons of a particular change, by helping
the employee to understand the benefits of the change using positive
reinforcement techniques. The change management is a useful tool but it is
essential to manage the change in an effective way and promote the change in a
positive way rather than negative.

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Content and analyzation

Change is a continuous process, that’s why the skilled
introduced various models of change management system that will enable the
organizations to structure and manage the change in a more effective way.


Originally the first model is Kurt Lewin’s change model, in
any organization this is highly effective. In addition to that, the following
model is founded on behavioral changes which plays major factor, while adapting
to some kind of changes that are going on in the organization. In 1950’s it has
been developed by a social engineer, Kurt Lewin. He described different change
processes in the organization through the ice, it was summarized into three


In this stage we have to disapprove of any traditional
methods and think out of the box. We
thoroughly analyze every corner of an entity, to recognize the loopholes which
may highly affect the performance of the organization. At this stage we are
focused to melt the structure and getting rid of the factors. (Krtisonis, 2005)


In the following stage we have to apply a change. Change, that is even called
Transformation. New methods are developed along with new attitudes and values,
while there is improvement in the procedures. 
At this stage negative attitude of employees can be seen for the reason
the they changed from their regular to new task. Good communication is needed
so that the employee can work to learn in different ways (Burnes, 2017)



The changes that have been
made are made to permanent. The focus in mainly on the refreeze the change,
since it make the organization more effective. ( Burnes, 2017)


 Strength and weakness
of author’s opinion

Innovative and creative
different form of change. Change is the key to success dynamic along with the
pathway of becoming one of the globe’s leading organizations. The importance of
strategically planned change could be observed over the due course of time,
when the business slowly and gradually increases its rate of productivity over
time. The unquantifiable measures are difficult to be implemented and to be
monitored, but it can be observed as a part of employee’s behavior towards job
satisfaction, active involvement in various activities (Lindbergh, 2013). These quantifiable aspects could look
after the effective productivity of the current change in an organization
(Gill, 2017). The employees work in an organization, and have the same desire
which they want to achieve they make certain strategies to reach to their
goals. .

The behavioral reception of
a change is the negativity. Denial/Refusal is a level at which the truth is
rejected about a situation, it could be conscious or an at unconscious level.
It is a phase where one fails to acknowledge the instruction. It denotes a
support that is with a man is also capable of not being able to accept the news
(Kubler Ross & Kessler, 2014). If a person does not achieve the goal they
will get annoyed. People may be unhappy and they shift their frustration or
aggression in curtain cases to others, usually on the people who are with them.
The resistance of the employee can be there you have set your plan before the
change is made.

2.3 view points on implementation of change

A spotless vision and procedure is perfect with the capacity
of clear articulation of both.

 The social part of the
association will likewise build up how flourishing the need of the change will

It is the duty of the administration framework to pass on
data about the change at all the levels of the chain of importance. At first,
they enable them to comprehend the data previously it’s going to open.

 Change help in
augmenting the hazard factor and furthermore help to expand the benefit of the
firm. Looking out for the cutting edge patterns and models followed in the
market is critical


Implementation of Change

Plan the goals and mission of the communication and convey
key message to various stakeholders after that separately and convey the
particularly innovative reason for the change. Feedback from the partners plays
an important role here.



The leader of the enterprise should monitor the progress and
effect of the change and at all times. Change is a process which each
organization is undergoing and there is a separation of the product lineup
advancements and globalization aspects to expand their business in the market
(Lindberg, 2013). The need for the change comes in any situation, the
organization needs to make quick changes, to save the business from any