1) on the city and similar urban areas.3)

1)    Journal of the American Planning Association – This scholarly journal is focused on the needs of citizens of rural, urban and suburban areas, areas that are most affected by gentrification. Our research should be published in this journal because it is also aimed at individuals who work in urban planning. By choosing to publish in this journal, we are making urban planners, legislators, and policy makers aware of the trend of the black migration to the suburbs to ensure that communities are built around the needs of all residents, including people of color. Our research will also help urban planners predict and foreshadow what communities will look like in the future if gentrification continues to occur at its current rate.2)  Journal of Urban Affairs-  In recent years, this journal has accepted a great deal of scholarship on the growing trend of gentrification and “smart urbanism” as deemed by other scholars. Assuming that some of our work will examine gentrification efforts in D.C and surrounding communities, our ties to the city will add value to the journal because literature already exists that discuss the political impact of demographic change around the city, particularly with the development of schools. It would be nice to add a different aspect or discuss additional political impacts that the shift will have on the city and similar urban areas.3)  Journal of Black Studies- The journal of Black Studies strives to publish research that is dynamic and innovating, promising to push the field forward. We should publish our work in this journal because it contains a great deal of work on urbanization and residential patterns of the black community before and during the Great Migration, in addition to gentrification across the globe. Our work can help other scholars examine parallels between the two periods, and more importantly study the factors that led to gentrification and ways in which the black community can resist these efforts by developers to push them out of their homes and communities.