1. isn’t it!!!!! No worries, because Sleep





1.      Nintendo Switch:


                                                               Video   Gamers

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                                                       The mindset that allows

                                                                 Creativity To



For all the gamers out there, who are tired of having to decide whether they want to sit in front of a large screen at home or play in their tablets while travelling…The wait is over!!!!! The Nintendo switch is the top most gadgets of 2017


Nintendo switch comes with a 6.2 inch screen tablet with slots used for attaching controllers on either side, making it as a handheld gaming device.


Want to play if you are travelling or on a vacation, you can use your tablet anywhere and game anywhere.


Besides providing multiplayer thrills, it also enables gamers to play games with same title, with whomever, wherever and whenever they wish to play.





Its features include:


v  Play anywhere: Undock to transition into a handheld mode


v  Play Together: Flip stand to share screen, and play at multiplayer mode



v  Joy-con: Combination of joy-con and Nintendo switch provides total game play flexibility.


v  HD Rumble: Makes game more realistic and immersive senses that go beyond vibrations.



v  Shape, Distance and Movement detection: IR motion camera can detects shape, distance, and movements and makes real game play experiences possible.




2.      Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed:


                                               Sleep is an investment in energy

                                                                 You need for the

                                                            Effective Tomorrow!!!


Have you ever been frustrated during sleep because your feet were either getting too cold or too warm? Have you ever experienced a situation where your partner is snoring and because of all that noise, you were unable to sleep all night? Frustrating isn’t it!!!!!


No worries, because Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed’s latest version released in 2017 is the one’s for you. These are designed to keep you and your partner effortlessly comfortable to ensure a blissful sleep.






These use Responsive air technology and use sensors to detect motion and temperature variations.


v  Cold Feet:  If your feet are cold, it automatically adjusts the temperature of the bed at bottom side to keep your feet warm. It has built in sleep IQ for dual sides, i.e. if you want warm feet but your partner doesn’t, then this is achievable. All you have to do is set the temperature range for you and your partner and leave the rest onto the bed.


v  Snore Detection: If your partner snores and you are unable to sleep, your side of the bed will automatically rise up to a certain angle. This helps in mitigating the snoring and provides you comfort of sleeping peacefully.


v  Built in Sensors: It has built in sensors that detect discomfort. If you have a habit of tossing and turning or discomfort in the firmness of bed, then the sensors automatically make that side of the bed more comfortable on the basis of your body requirements.


So, hurry up and buy the latest Sleep number 360 smart bed for you and your partner to ensure a blissful sleeping experience.


3.      Norton Core Router:


                                                   The Bad Guys want in


                                                   The way to stop them


                                                   Norton Core Router



It is more focused on Wi-Fi security as compared to Ethernet. As a result there are only 3 Ethernet cords made available. Unlike other routers which aren’t attractive with all the cords hanging around; Norton core is visually very attractive and comes in two colours based on your choice.


It is a wireless router which secures your digital lifestyle and delivers high level performance simultaneously. It uses intrusion detection, deep packet inspection and Global Intelligence network. It protects your connected home from malware, viruses and other intruders.







v  Performance: Core has a built-in dual core processor at 1.7GHz.


v  Dual band support: This is for optimal connection. Core transmits at 2.4 GHz and 5GHz simultaneously, to ensure connectivity with the best available band.


v  It supports up to 2.5Gbps to ensure blazing fast 4K streaming. It also ensures lag-free gaming.


v  Easy Configuration


v  Beam forming antenna tower focuses Wi-Fi to devices in the distant corners of your home, unlike other routers.





4.      U by Moen, Shower Smarter:


                                                       Happiness is a long, hot shower


                                                       Soak, Relax, Unwind, Rejuvenate





Are you tired of getting home and then waiting an hour till the shower water comes to a specific temperature? Are you tired of jumping like a chimp and switching on the water heater and then waiting, so you can have a peaceful bath?

Has it ever happened to you, that after a long day of work, all you want to do is go home and take a shower…but can’t because the water isn’t at a correct temperature?






For all the shower lovers, who enjoy their shower time, the wait is over. With U by Moen, you can customize your shower settings even before you arrive home. Just a few taps on your smart-phone you can have the perfect shower time anytime you wish to.

All you have to do is specify the temperature requirements and shower length on your smart phones.

With customizable shower technology and personal device integration; you control it all.

It allows you to:

v  Set the temperature

v  Set the shower length

v  Save Time

v  Have the best shower every time.


5.      Cujo firewall security:


                                                   ‘Privacy- Like Eating & Breathing, Is

                                                             One of life’s

                                                        Basic Requirements’



 We have lots of internet connected devices at home, like TV’s, Laptop’s, Smart-phones, Tablets, Game consoles and the list goes on. But what we don’t know, is that most of these are un-secure


Cujo is a very simple and sophisticated firewall specifically designed to protect smart devices at our own homes. It is safe to have some sort of security, and currently we have no security at all.

Most of the firewalls are extremely costly, however Cujo is a cheaper version of at home firewall.  Cujo analyses our network with the help of machine learning concepts, in order to secure our digital life.





It provides an option to video chat with experts to sort out all your queries related to Cujo.


Through Cujo’s mobile app you can

·         Monitor and control all devices in your network

·         Receive threat notifications instantly

·         It is visually attractive, and detects threats via its eyes

·         Threats can be detected easily, by looking at its eyes.

·         Control internet access to specific devices only to avoid intruders.

·         Manually override your Cujo, which makes you the master i.e. the person in charge.


Its features include:

v  Unauthorised access blocking

v  Proactive

v  It protects other members that your devices are connected with

v  Antivirus and Antimalware

v  Cloud+ Local security layers

v  Safe Browsing

v  Internet Security to all devices

v  Parental Controls

v  Behavioural Analysis


If you want a secure internet connection and want your family members to stay away from intruders, Cujo firewall is the one for you. It is cheaper as compared to other firewalls and is much more efficient.



The above mentioned 5 gadgets are based on latest technologies and help in satisfying our day to day needs. There are other various other gadgets, but these 5 fulfil our daily necessities.