1. I have over ten years’ experience

1.      Assume you are the manager of a fast-food restaurant. What are the outputs of your work unit? What are the activities required to produce those outputs? What are the inputs?

In the fast-food restaurant, the outputs would be questions from employees about their pay or benefits. This could also include food orders and the services provided. Activities of a manager would be similar to an employee; Cooking, cleaning, serving, taking orders, and seating customers can be activities that a manager would do. There is many inputs for the raw materials being the food and ingredients needed to prepare the food. Next is the equipment. A restaurant has several items that are considered equipment like POS system, booths, tables, pots and pans, stoves, blenders, plus much more. The human resources part of a restaurant would be having the knowledge of cook temps and what ingredients to use, knowledge of customer service, and knowledge of money to keep track of the business sales.

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2.      Based on question 1, consider the cashier’s job. What are the outputs, activities, and inputs for that job?

I have over ten years’ experience as a cashier, and I find it great that I am learning more about the outputs, activities, and inputs for this job. The outputs would be questions from customers about the menu or the prices of the items. The activities would be counting the money at the beginning of the shift to make sure the register is even, making change throughout the shift, counting down the register at the end of the night, and replacing the receipt paper. The inputs would be for the raw materials would be the food ordered, and the prices of the items. The equipment would be the register itself, menus, possibly the register safe to make drops, and the debit/credit card reader. The human resources part of the job would be the knowledge of the food items and their ingredients, and to answer any question a customer may have on the restaurant.


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Chapter 5

10. A large share of HR professionals have rated e-cruiting as their best source of new talent. What qualities of electronic recruiting do you think contribute to this opinion?

I think electronic recruiting is a great thing. Many organizations and companies will post their job announcements on job boards online. This is a quick and easy way to let people know that they are hiring and for what positions. This helps the managers because there is less interruptions by limiting the amount of walk ins and phone calls about the position. The fact that the job postings are so full of detail, it helps attract the candidates that share the same work values and skills required. This helps by weeding out people who do not qualify or have the skills required. The last quality is confirmation. When you fill out a job application, you receive confirmation that your application was successful. This eliminates the stress of your job application not making it to the right person.


11. How can organizations improve the effectiveness of their recruiters?  

I think there is a few different ways organizations can improve on their effectiveness. First, the participates in the recruiting process must know their roles and responsibilities. If they do not know what their roles and responsibilities are, good candidates could slip through the cracks or be over looked. The team of recruiters must be on the same page and be organized. Next, is you should document the recruiting process. Sometimes things can be hard wrong or forgotten; therefore, writing them down would eliminate those mistakes. This would also hold the stakeholders accountable. Finally, you want to ensure that your team is trained for success and at the right place at the right time. The more effective the recruiting process is, the more the organization or company is profitable. This leads to the straight success of that business. Being professional and taking things seriously, the greater the assets.


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Recruiting Solutions: How to Gain Greater Effectiveness



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