a. 96 to 01 and Northings 88

a. Jawar Hill on the western side

b. Temple near village Khara

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c. Village Rampura, south of Banas river

d. Jasor Hill on the north-eastern side

e. Open scrub in the south-western side

3. Give the direction of the following:

a. Village Rampura (9580) from A 268 (9483)

b. Arniwada (9481) from Khara (9686)

c. Spot Height .466 (9386) from .542 (9782)

d. Village Manpuriya (9786) from Jawar Hills (9686)

e. Temple (9580) from village Chekla (9381)

4. Measure the actual distance between the following:

a. Pack-track distance between Chekhla (9381) and Khara (9686)

b. Straight-line distance between temple (9580) and mosque (9282)

c. Actual length of the district boundary in km.

d. Straight-line ground distance between .542 (9782) and .438 (9390)

e. Actual length of the tehsil boundary on the map

5. What is the importance of the forests in the life of the people of this region?

6. Give examples of the following in this region:

a. Two means of transport

b. Two means of irrigation

c. Two occupations of the people

d. Two triangulation stations

e. Two places of worship

7. Describe the relief in the

a. Grid square 9384

b. Grid square 9889

c. Grid square 9782

d. Grid square 9985

e. Grid square 9386

8. What is the drainage pattern in the

a. grid square 9386

b. grid square 0089

c. grid square 9382

d. grid square 9588

e. grid square 9684

9. Draw suitable diagrams or symbols to show the following:

a. A ridge

b. A cliff

c. Scattered settlement

d. Disappearing streams

10. Describe the general relief in the region enclosed by Eastings 96 to 01 and Northings 88 to 91.

11. What is the general slope of the land in this region? Give two reasons to justify your answer.

12. Which are the highest and the lowest points in this region? Find out the straight-line ground distance between them.

13. Describe at least two natural and one man- made feature in each of the following:

a. Grid square 9782

b. Grid square 9487

c. Grid square 9580

d. Grid square 9790


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