a. and the lowest point in this

a. Length of the ridge from 9574 to 0077 in kilometres

b. Actual track distance between Antroli (9576) and Bantawada (9978)

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c. Straight-line distance between RS (0074) and Rampura (9580)

d. Actual length of the railway line

e. Actual length of the metalled road

3. Give the drainage pattern in the following:

a. Grid Square 9783

b. Grid Square 9976

c. Grid Square 9574

d. Grid Square 9382

4. Find out at least three man-made features in the

a. Grid square 0074

b. Grid square 9576

c. Grid square 9580

d. Grid square 9973

5. Find out at least three natural features in the

a. Grid square 9473

b. Grid square-9976

c. Grid square 9580

d. Grid square 9882

6. Draw suitable symbols for the following:

a. A sand dune

b. Metre-gauge railway line

c. Metalled road

d. Chhatri

7. Name the following and give reasons in support of your answer.

a. Two important means of transport

b. Two important means of irrigation

c. Two important settlements

d. Two important occupations of the people

8. Describe the relief in the

a. Grid square 9574

b. Grid square 9782

c. Grid square 9876

d. Grid square 9879

9. What is the reason for the presence of many islands in the bed of the Banas River?

10. How can the railway line and the metalled road improve the economy of this region?

11. What is the difference between the relief of the northern and the southern parts of the region?

12. Describe the general relief north of the Banas River.

13. Describe the general relief features between the Banas River and the ridge.

14. Find out the highest and the lowest point in this area and measure the straight-line map distance between them.


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