b. Grid Square 7780 c. Grid Square 8480

b. Village Nandotra south of the Banas River

c. Village Kheda in the central part of the region

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d. Village Latiya south of the Banas River

e. Stone quarry near ? 169

2. What will be the effect of the canal, presently under construction, on the life of the people?

3. Give the drainage pattern in the following:

a. Grid square 7975

b. Grid square 8383

c. Grid square 8381

4. What is the settlement pattern towards the south of the Banas river?

5. What are the main occupations of the people in this region? Give at least two reasons in support of your answer.

6. What is the general slope of the land in the northern part of the region? Give reasons.

7. Draw suitable symbols for the following:

a. Scattered settlements

b. Trellis drainage pattern

c. Stone quarry

d. Gravelled road

e. Formlines

8. Why is most of the area, on both sides of the Banas river, broken? Give reasons for your answer.

9. What is the importance of the Bhakar settlement (8076) from the point of view of transportation?

10. This region gets seasonal rainfall. Explain.

11. What is the general difference of the relief between the northern and the southern parts of this area?

12. Give at least two physical features in each of the following grid squares:

a. 7975

b. 7882

c. 8274

13. Write the highest and lowest point in this region? Find out the ground distance between these points.

14. Give at least two man-made features in each of the following:

a. Grid square 8076

b. Grid Square 7780

c. Grid Square 8480


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