a. road with milestone d. Linear settlement e.

a. Temple near Marol village

b. Causeway south of Karaunti village

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c. Dry tank west of Butri village

d. Pipliya village in the east

e. Lined-well west of Goreli village

3. Give the direction of the following:

a. Mitan (0410) from Rampura Khera (0707)

b. Village Nimbora (0610) from Goreli (0402)

c. Marol settlement (0308) from Makawal (0504)

d. Village Salotra (0703) from Pipliya (0906)

e. Village Butri (0404) from Fatehpura (0206)

4. Describe the relief in the area enclosed by Eastings 06 to 10 and Northings 01 to 07.

5. Describe the drainage pattern in the region mentioned in Q. No. 6 with special reference to the part between the hilly regions.

6. Name at least two man-made features in each of the following grid squares.

a. 0710

b. 0308

c. 0404

7. Name at least two natural features in each of the following grid squares.

a. 0703

b. 0410

c. 0804

8. What are the main occupations of the people in this region? Give reasons to support your answer.

9. Draw suitable symbols for the following:

a. Broken ground

b. Dry tank with embankment

c. Metalled road with milestone

d. Linear settlement

e. Radial drainage pattern

10. Give the settlement pattern

a. In the grid square 0101

b. In the grid square 0703

c. In the grid square 0308

d. In the grid square 0410

e. Along the Sipu Nadi

11. What are the important means of transport in this region? What is their significance in relation to the development of this region?

12. Find out the straight-line distance between

a. Fatehpura (0206) and Pipliya (0906)

b. Goreli (0402) and Moral (0308)

c. Rajgarh (0711) and Sibhra Khera (0203)

d. Mitan (0410) and Rampura Khera (0707)

13. Measure the actual distance or length

a. Of the metalled road in the region

b. Of the state boundary between Rajasthan and Gujarat

c. Between Marol and Makawal

d. Between Bhatana and Bherugarh

e. Approximate length of the Sukli Nadi

14. Describe the location of the forests in this area and give reasons in support of your answer.

15. Name at least two means of irrigation in this area and give at least two advantages.

16. What is the general slope of the land in the given part of the topo sheet? Give examples to justify your answer.

17. What is the possible pattern of rainfall in this region?