17 Questions on the Survey of India Topographical Sheet no. 45 D/7 (45 D/7; Easting 77, to 85 Northing 80 to 91)

2. Give the four-figure grid reference for the following:

a. Village Ranavas in the southern part

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b. Site of Annual Fair in February

c. Village Juvol in the southeastern part

d. Dense jungle north of the Nala

e. Highest point of the area

3. Give the six-figure grid reference for the following:

a. 8r point near Chekhla

b. Temple in the village Ranavas

c. Mosque in the village Juvol

d. Any one-lined well near Jegol

e. A 198 in the northwestern part

4. Give the direction of the following:

a. Settlement Dantiwada (8480) from Nani Bhatamal (9280)

b. Settlement Jegol from Police Outpost in Dantiwada (8583)

c. Jawar hills (9286) to village Ratanpura (8786)

d. Annual fair (9188) site from Shergadh (8990)

e. Dhaneri settlement (8688) from temple in Juvol (9282)

5. Measure the actual distance between the following:

a. Straight-line map distance between mosque (9282) and temple (9080)

b. Actual ground distance between Vadavas and Juvol

c. Actual ground distance to be travelled between Vadavas and Ranavas

d. Straight-line ground distance between PO and Police Outpost.

e. Straight-line distance between Ranol and the annual fair site

6. Draw suitable symbols for the following:

a. Island in a dry river-bed

b. Radial drainage pattern

c. A mosque

7. What is the drainage pattern in the

a. Grid square 9284

b. Grid square. 9186

c. Grid square 9182

8. Describe the general settlement pattern in the

a. Grid square 8688

b. Grid square 8481

c. South of the main river

9. Describe the natural hill features in the

a. Grid square 9187

b. Grid square 9284

c. Grid square 8584

10. Name at least two man-made features in the

a. Grid square 8688

b. Grid square 8582

c. Grid square 8590

11. Name at least two natural features in the

a. Grid square 8690

b. Grid square 9288

c. Grid square 8583

12. What can possibly be the main occupation of the people in this region? Give reasons in support of your answer.

13. What are the main sources of irrigation? Give evidence from the map to support your answer.

14. Which is the highest and the lowest point on the map? Find out the straight-line map distance and the ground distance between them.

15. What is the general slope of the land, especially in the forested areas?

16. Name the important means of transport. Give examples in support of your answer.

17. Describe the relief features in the area enclosed by Eastings 85 to 87 and Northings 83 to 86.


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