a. this region? Give at least two reasons

a. Dense jungle in the western part

b. A 179 near open jungle

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c. Village Bhadli Kotha

d. Temple north of Godh

e. Village Nandotra

3. Give the direction of the following:

a. Village Atal (8189) from village Kotha (7786)

b. Village Vasda (7780) from village Godh (7782)

c. Village Chodungri (8386) from temple (7689)

d. Village Jorapura (8086) from Mahadevpura (7980)

e. Village Chatrala (7684) from Bhakodar (8188)

4. Find out the actual distance to be travelled between the following:

a. Length of track between Sikariya (8081) and Dantiwada (8480)

b. Length of pack track between Agdol (7689) and Bhadli Kotha (7886)

c. Length of unmetalled road in the southeastern part

5. Find out the straight-line map distance between:

a. Bhakodar (8188) and Godh (7782)

b. Chodungri (8386) and Vasda (7780)

c. Chatrala (7684) and temple (7883)

6. Give the drainage pattern in the following:

a. The grid square 8183

b. The grid square 7989

c. The grid square 8284

7. Give the general settlement pattern of the following:

a. South of the Banas River

b. East of the Sipu river

c. In the Dantiwada settlement

8. What are the main occupations of the people living in this region? Give at least two reasons to support your answer.

9. Find out the total length of the tehsil boundaries, which pass through the Sipu and Banas rivers.

10. Name any two physical and man-made features in the grid square 7780.

11. What are the main sources of irrigation in this region? Give at least two reasons in support of your answer.

12. Find out the general flow of the Sipu and the Banas rivers.

13. Do you find any potential in this area for the development of agriculture in future? Give reasons in support of your answer.

14. What is the reason for the absence of open jungles in the drainage basin of the Banas River?

15. Find out the area, in square kilometres, of the region enclosed by the Eastings 78 and 85 and Northings 83 to 87.

16. Compare the general relief between the northern and the southern part of this region.

17. Which is the highest and the lowest point in this region? Find out the map distance between these two points.

18. Give reasons for the large-scale broken ground near the banks of the streams.


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