a. places in the given topo sheet have

a. Village Ganguwada

b. ? 277 in the northeastern part

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c. Village Kotda

d. Stony waste, south of the Sipu River

e. Joining point of Hanva and Varka Nalas

3. Give the six-figure grid reference for the following:

a. Dry tank in village Jegol

b. Lined-well in village Talenagar

c. Mosque near village Rajkot

d. Village Malpuriya

e. .284 towards east of village Bhilachal

4. Give the direction of the following (bearing):

a. Village Velavas (8689) from village Odhava (8892)

b. Ganguwada (9196) from Rajkot (8995)

c. Hariyawada (9091) from Bhilachal (9094)

d. Akoli (8999) from Bhadli (8596)

e. Kotda (8593) from Gangudra (8793)

5. Find out the straight-line distance between the following:

a. ? 277 (8998) and A 225 (8794)

b. Temple (8992) and mosque (8995)

c. Village Jhat (8698) and village Hariyawada (9091)

6. Find out the distance to be travelled between the following:

a. Actual length of track between Jhat (8698) and Rajkot (8995)

b. Actual length of track between Mosque (8995) and Temple (8992)

c. Actual length of track between Jegol (8590) and Kotda (8593)

7. Draw suitable symbols for the following:

a. Dry tank with embankment

b. Radial drainage pattern

c. Triangulation station

8. Give the drainage pattern in the following:

a. Grid square 9295

b. Grid square 9293

c. Grid square 8998

9. Describe the general settlement pattern in

a. Grid square 8596

b. Grid square 8999

c. General pattern in the whole area.

10. Which places in the given topo sheet have radial pattern of tracks? Give examples in support of your answer.

11. What can possibly be the main occupation of the people in this area? Give reasons to support your answer.

12. Name the main rivers and nalas in this area and find out the differences between them.

13. Find out the area, in square kilometres, of the region enclosed by Eastings 87 and 93 and Northings 92 and 95.

14. What is the general slope of the land in the south-eastern part of the topo sheet? Give two reasons to support your answer.

15. What is the direction of flow of water in the Sipu River and in the Varka Nala?

16. Name any two natural features in each of the grid squares

a. 8992 b. 8597 c. 9297

17. What are the important means of irrigation in this area? Give two examples in support of your answer.

18. Name at least three man-made features in grid square 8992.

29. Explain the general relief of the area with special reference to the northern part.


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