a. Grid square 0517 10. What are the

a. Village Jolpur in the southern part

b. Open scrub in the northern part

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c. Village Bhamra in the middle

d. Dhad Talao towards the east

e. Police Chauki in Dantral settlement

3. Give six-figure grid reference for the following:

a. Spot Height .324 in the north

b. A dry tank east of Bhamra village

c. Post Office in the Dantral settlement

d. Temple north of Malawa village

e. A lined well north of Dhann village

4. Find out the direction of the Bhamra village from the following:

a. Stony waste in the grid square 0918

b. Sheet rock in the grid square 0826

c. Village Hamirpura in the grid square 0123

d. Temple in the grid square 0324

e. Village Jolpur in the grid square 0718

5. What methods are used to show the relief features on the topo sheet? Give examples.

6. Measure the length of the track where motors can play in dry season on the map. Find out its length on the ground.

7. Which are the highest and the lowest points on the map? Find out the straight-line distance between them in km.

8. Explain the general relief of the area and the nature of the rivers, especially very small tributary streams.

9. Find out the drainage pattern in the

a. Grid square 0823

b. Grid square 0624

c. Grid square 0422

d. Grid square 0517

10. What are the main means of irrigation in this region? Give reasons in support of your answer.

11. What are the main occupations of the people living in this region? Give reasons to support your answer.

12. What is the general slope of the land in this region? Give at least two reasons to support your answer.

13. Name at least two man-made features in each of the following grid squares:

a. 0520

b. 0225

c. 0723

14. Name at least two natural features in each of the following grid squares:

a. 0526

b. 0918

c. 0721

15. What is the direction of flow of water in Sukli Nadi? Give reasons in support of your answer.

16. Measure the actual track distance between the following:

a. Idarla and Dhann

b. Bhamra and Jolpur

c. Malawa and Dantral

d. Rampura and Malawa

17. How will you justify that this region gets seasonal rainfall? Give at least two examples.

18. Give the settlement pattern in the

a. Dhann village in grid square 0623

b. In the grid square 0418

c. In the Dantral settlement

d. In the Bhamra settlement

19. Draw suitable symbols for the following:

a. Broken ground

b. Centripetal drainage pattern

c. Linear settlement pattern

d. A dry well


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