b. in this area? Give reasons and examples

b. Stony waste in the northern part

c. Village Burari Khera in the east

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d. Moti Talao near Gulabganj

e. Causeway near Wahan settlement

2. Give the six-figure grid reference for the following:

a. Dargah north of Sanwara settlement

b. Temple near the fire line

c. DB near the main road in the north

d. Causeway across Sipu Nadi

e. Spot Height 437 in the southern part

3. Give the direction of the following:

a. Dispensary (2023) from village Tokra (2221)

b. Moti Talao (1920) from village Udwariya (2423)

c. Sanwara (2025) from village Pithapura (2022)

d. Stony waste (1827) from village Wohan (1923)

e. Post Office (1923) from village Gulabganj (1920)

4. What is the importance of the pucca road in the western part of this region? Give reasons in support of your answer.

5. Describe the relief features in the southeastern part of this region. Identify at least three distinct relief features.

6. Find out the actual length of the following:

a. Canal in the middle part

b. Highway in the western part

c. Fire-line in the southeastern part

d. Pack-track from Sanwara towards the west

7. Describe the nature of the Sipu Nadi and the Sukli Nadi. Give reasons for your answer.

8. What are the main occupations of the people in this area? Give reasons and examples to support your answer.

9. What are the important means of irrigation in this region? Give at least two examples.

10. Draw suitable symbols for the following:

a. Forested areas

b. Tehsil boundary

c. Compact settlement

d. Dak bungalow

11. What is the difference between the relief of the northwestern part and the south-western part?

12. What are the important means of transport in this region? How do they affect the economy of this region?

13. Identify the drainage patterns in the following grid squares:

a. 2517

b. 2125

c. 2217

14. Identify the settlement patterns in the following grid squares:

a. 2221

b. 1819

c. 1923

15. What is the direction of flow of water in the Sipu Nadi and the Sukli Nadi? Give reasons in support of your answer.

16. What is the significance of the white coloured area in the northern part of this region?

17. Describe and identify the typical relief features in the following grid squares:

a. 2420

b. 2118

c. 2421

18. Mention at least two natural and two man- made features in each of the following grid squares:

a. 2521

b. 1820

c. 1922

19. Find out the straight-line distance between the following:

a. .329 (1827) and .470 (2417)

b. Moti Talao (1920) and temple (2322)

c. Dispensary (2023) and Tokra (2221)

d. Temple (1926) and Dargah (2023)