a. In the north-eastern part of the map

a. Settlement Panthawada

b. Dry tank north of Lakhnasar

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c. Settlement Mahudi Moti

d. Lime kiln towards the east of Panswala

e. A 208 towards the north of Kuchawada

3. Give the six-figure grid reference for the following:

a. Police Station in Panthawada

b. Temple near Mahudi Nani

c. Lined-well in village Agdol

d. A 224 south of the Lime kiln

e. Dry tank north of Santarwada

4. Give the directions of the following:

a. Lime kiln (8397) from Mahudi Moti (7992)

b. Village Santarwada (8096) from village Kuchawada (7794)

c. Village Rampura (8293) from temple (7689)

d. .263 (8499) from .200 (7995)

e. Open Jungle (8091) from Open Scrub (8497)

5. Find out the straight-line distance between the following:

a. .204 (7696) and .236 (7900)

b. Village Santarwada (8096) and village Atal (8189)

c. Temple (8192) and temple (7689)

6. Find out the distance to be travelled between the following:

a. Track distance between village Agdol and temple (8199)

b. Length of motorable track in kilometres

c. Village Panthawada (8199) and Rampura (8397)

7. Find out one physical and one man-made feature in each of the following:

a. In the grid square 7689

b. In the grid square 8192

c. In the grid square 8199

8. Draw suitable symbols for the following:

a. Lined-well perennial

b. Prominent surveyed tree

c. Dry bed of a river with water channel

9. Describe the general relief

a. In the north-eastern part of the map

b. Along the main river

c. Between grid squares 8294 and 8498

10. Find out the area in square kilometres of the region enclosed by Eastings 77 and 83 and Northings 92 and 97.

11. Describe the general settlement pattern as shown on the topo sheet, with special reference to their sizes.

12. What is the general slope of the land in the area? Give two reasons to support your answer.

13. What is the direction of flow of water in the Sarvo Nala?

14. Give reasons for the broken ground, especially along the river banks.

15. Locate the lowest and the highest spot height on the given map and also find out their six- figure grid reference.

16. Study the general drainage pattern and describe the drainage patterns in the grid squares 8194 and 8294.

17. What important means of transport are shown on the given map?

18. What are the main occupations of the people in this region? What features on the map can support your answer?

19. What are the important means of irrigation in this area? Give two reasons to support your answer.


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