1984 being demolished, the clothing worn being poor

1984 by
George Orwell is a classical fiction book that takes place in the near future
in the country of Airstrip One in Oceania, a state that consists of the Americas,
British Isles, Atlantic Islands, Australia, and south Africa. The book is set about 40 years
after the end of World War II and a few years after the “Atomic Wars.” In the book, Airstrip One can be
described as a dark, lonely, and unwelcoming city that is isolated due to the
lack of care that is given to the place.
The living conditions in Airstrip One are extremely poor, with the surrounding
buildings in the city being demolished, the clothing worn being poor and
filthy, and the food very low and having to be rationed daily. Bombs rain on the city frequently,
almost every day, and it’s a place where the citizens are told that they are
currently going through a large war with the government. There is a large screen in almost
every room of every place, which watch and speak to those it is watching. The setting of 1984 plays a very
important role in the book because it describes just how tough times were after
the second world war, the Atomic Wars, and the future Cold War. The setting is significant because
it is set and told during a frightening time when humans had a lack of freedom,
food, housing, and practically everything needed to live a happy, free life. Orwell told his story in such a way
to demonstrate the feelings and reality of how hard life was as a result of the
extreme governmental control. Orwell
set 1984 to highlight the importance of the community in which is completely
torn apart due to the war.
Because of that, the
setting plays a large role and the significance is very obvious because
Airstrip One, which is present day London, is a spot that has a strong connection
to those who read the book.
The setting of 1984 can be described as erosion, consumption, and unfortunate
and allows the readers to feel just how significant the setting was to the
story of the book.
Without the setting
being set the way it was, the readers wouldn’t be allowed to feel just how
depressing times were during the book. Also,
without the setting clear, readers would not get the feeling of how
uncomfortable life was to those being “watched” by Big Brother. Orwell uses the thorough
explanation of the setting to surround the idea of the government controlling
the population through propaganda and a totalitarian style government.