2 factories, Havenweg 7, 8243 PL Lelystad// How plastic is madeVan Leeuwenhoekstraat 28, 3846 CB Harderwijk// how plastic is recycled [email protected] plasticWhy do people need to recycle plastic?Why do we need different types of plastic??Why is plastic so dangerous for the environment??Why is plastic used in sustainable goods??What is the difference between pet plastic and normal plastic??Is there a good replacement for plastic, and why would it be better than plastic??What would recycling plastic change in the environment??(quiz) how much do you think people recycle already What sort of plastic is being recycled and what sort isn’t??*introduction**ending*Why do we need different types of plastic?The answer to this question is obvious, because each plastic is different, and had a different purpose,but let’s take a closer look. On every plastic thing, there is one of these numbers. But what do they actually mean?PETEPolyethylene Terepthalate High heat resistanceClearHardToughMoisture barrier HDPEHigh density Polyethylene Moisture barrierChemical resistanceWaxy surfaceMoisture resistance VPolyvinyl Chloride Transparent LDPELow density Polyethylene PPPolypropylene PSPolystyrene OTHER Why is plastic so dangerous for the environment?Many forms of plastic are not able to naturally decompose, or rot, but they break in to smaller pieces which is called microplastic. So, if plastic is thrown away, and not recycled, it can create a lot of waste. One of the options for plastic waste is that it is thrown into the dump. You would think that is good. But it’s not. See, when plastic is in water, it releases dangerous substances. So when it rains, plastic releases leachate, which are all of the toxic compounds together. They are being freed into the ground water, which then goes to a river, where fish eat it. And it just moves along the food chain:Dump > ground water > river > ocean > shrimps > fish > tuna > sharks > humansWhy is plastic used in sustainable goods?