Now, rainy season. I await your early response

Now, it is to inform you that the matter is serious and needs your immediate attention. Therefore, you must urgently arrange for the repairs or I shall get these done on my own and the cost would be deducted from my rent in instalments. Since the matter is of great urgency and our security and safety is involved, I want to have the repairs done before the onset of rainy season.

I await your early response before I get the repairs done on my own.

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Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

Sample Letter 2

Your Name

Landlord Name

Dear (Name),

As you are aware I have been is possession of your house at the above address for the last ____________ (Year) years. Since then I have not asked you for any repairs although as per terms of the agreement I am entitled for repairs and whitewash every two years. As far minor repairs etc. are concerned, I have never bothered you and got these done at my own expense. But now the house needs some urgent major repairs like whitewash and painting of doors, windows, other wooden fixtures and replacement of W.C.

Therefore, I shall feel favoured if you come yourself or send your agent to inspect the house so that the repairs may be done at the earliest.

I look forward to your immediate action in the matter.

Yours faithfully

(Your Name)


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