Firstly, media, and brag about their vacations,

Firstly, one of the most
significant impacts that social media has had is the growing importance and the
power of user generated content (UGC). Online customer reviews are essentially
a form of digital word-of-mouth. When travelers share their experiences on
social media, and brag about their vacations, they subconsciously become
influencer marketers promoting the hotels and places they visit. However, while
a positive post can generate business, a negative comment can just as easily
drive customers away. With these kinds of posts and recommendations being
shared all around the web, communication platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram or Snapchat can be very powerful promotion channels that can either
make or break a hotel’s success.

Statistics show that
more than 70% of the people update their social media statuses while on
vacation and more than 80% of them book hotels based on reviews posted on these

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According to a 2012 Tripadvisor
survey, 93% of the people find reviews important when choosing
Hotels.  Thus, people are more likely to trust reviews (even from
strangers) than brands themselves. 


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