Raichur district’s health condition is deteriorate due to improper
health facilities and ignorance. For medical needs, today, people visit
Navodaya hospital which is the only available alternative for the people in
Raichur. Although the treatment is satisfactory, the hospitals are not well
maintained and hygiene is a big issue 12


Hence, there is huge need for PHC in Raichur district,
additional health personnel need to be deployed and additional bed strength
needs to be created in Raichur. These initiatives will improve health infrastructure
facilities in Raichur district. 24

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As reported Raichur has about 40 primary health care centers
in and around the district. However, the condition of these hospitals and health
centers is very depraved. A few years back Rajiv Gandhi super-specialty government
hospital was opened to provide affordable healthcare facilities, after 10 years
it got shut down in 2012 when Government failed to renew the contract with
Apollo hospital. This was a great loss to the people of Raichur and neighboring
villages 17. For medical needs today, people visit Navodaya hospital.


Hence, keeping these issues in mind, the investor of the
project has identified the opportunity and has an ambition to build a new
hospital to provide services to the local population and to establish a
profitable business.?The main research question in the current project is: 


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