Yours lighten your grief but, believe me,

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)

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2. Letter On The Death of Mother

Dear (Name),

It was so disheartening to know the sudden death of your mother. It is, undoubtedly, a dreadful shock to all who knew her. Since we have ourselves gone through this shattering experience very shortly, I know only too well how it feels.

Presently you must be embittered by her loss and I just can’t tell you how sorrowful I am. She was a great person and a fantastic human being, well-known for her charitable work.

I wish, I knew how to lighten your grief but, believe me, time shall. If I can be of any service to you, do count on me. I regret that I have to write a condolence to you.

With deep sympathy to you and your family,

Yours in Pain,

(Your Name)

3. Letter to a Friend on the Death of his Mother

Dear (Name),

This is to offer you and your family my affectionate sympathy in your hour of distress, we can never replace our mothers, but I hope that you will find comfort in the memory that yours was, like mine a wonderful person.

Yours affectionately,
(Your Name)

4. Letter of Condolence on the Death of Mother

Dear (Name),

I know words are a poor comfort at a time like this. But I cannot but use these very words to express my grief and sorrow at the death of your dear mother. I know how you loved and cared for her. Without her life would not remain meaningful any longer.’

Please bear the shock manly. I lost my dear mother last year and so know too well what it means. I am with you in these moments of intense grief and suffering, and wish I could do or say something to alleviate your sorrow. However, time is a great healer, and it will, as surely as it did in my case.

With heartfelt sympathy.

Yours sincerely
(Your name)


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