6. that reflect innovations in pedagogy and

 6. Collaboration and Empowerment. Our approach will be collaborative.  ITS and CETL will work with campus “early adopters” to educate the community on new technological advancements and create an environment that embraces change and new ways to address old problems.  To that end, we will strive to implement technology solutions that are convenient and easy-to-use and master.  Only if individuals understand the potential of technology and are empowered to use it for themselves will any true transformation occur.

Goals and Objectives

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Goal 1: Collaborating with faculty, academic leadership and students to apply technology to teaching and learning in ways that reflect innovations in pedagogy and institutional mission

·       Action Items

o   Develop a roadmap to guide faculty and students adoption of innovative technology

o   Create and sustain an academic environment that promotes innovation and scholarship, and through collaboration encourages the exploration and adoption of new teaching tools.

o   As usage of technology rapidly accelerates, collaboration with CETL instrumental to the success of teaching and learning

o   Standardization of technology in classrooms and labs

o   Utilization of synchronous Audio/Video conferencing

Goal 2: Collaborating with faculty, staff and administrative leadership to improve communication, increase productivity and provide economic savings

·       Action Items

o   Standardization of technology on the desktop and in conference rooms

o   Utilization of synchronous Audio/Video conferencing

Goal 3: Create and continually improve a culture of service and support within the ITS Organization.

·       Action Items

o   Review existing service and support procedures against industry standard frameworks such as IT Service Management (ITSM) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

o   Improve and expand services provided to assist customers in making cost effective decisions and correct usage of software and hardware.

o   Provide access to information as needed and empower users to help themselves and quickly solve routing technical problems enabling ITS staff to concentrate on more difficult problems.

§  Improve the customer experience by building an effective knowledge base.

o   Provide an adequate budget to ensure ITS staff receive training to expand knowledge and strengthen skills

§  Expand work-study program to provide comprehensive support and exchange of knowledge

Goal 4: Transform existing ITS support model to one that is more integrated, customer-centric, and intuitive.


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