Only time when we go out, have

Only Yours,
(Your name)

Letter in Reply to the Previous Letter

My Dear (Name),

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Well, let me tell you that your letter came as a surprise to me and without beating around the bush let me tell you off-hand that, I also nurture the same feelings re­garding you. What in fact, attracted me towards you, was your childish nature and your sensibilities which once again you proved by writing the letter. To confess you, I fell in love with you much earlier than you did; the reason why I accompanied you to the different places. With you I could feel extremely safe because I knew from the very beginning that you are a gentleman to the hilt. I have also preserved the rose that you once offered so shyly. Had you taken a little more of a time, maybe I would have taken the first step. Anyway better late than never. Nev­ertheless, I would like you to maintain the same amount of reserved attitude that you have maintained till date. When are you next asking me for an outing? And re­member, next time when we go out, have the decency to hold my hands. Be sure I’ll not eat you. Missing you,

Yours Loving,
(Your name)


I'm Johnny!

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