Your letter has brought a new meaning to my married life and now I understand what I was really losing by becoming too sentimental and taking everything too seriously unnecessarily. I do not know why your letter reached me late; otherwise I would have reached my state of bliss a few days before, and shed my prejudices.

My dear husband, I wish to keep you happy at all costs. I am acting on your valuable advice and you will be glad to know, that my changed attitude towards mother and your sisters has brought me ample reward in no time.

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You will again be glad to know that for the first time today, mother asked me to visit a movie along with your sisters although I had not asked for it.

I assure you that the era of quarrels or misunderstandings in this house is over. I don’t mind admitting that I had been a fool in not being able to adjust myself in the family so long.

Please do forgive me. May I hope you’ll agree to forget that a problem like this ever existed with me? Please come as soon as possible to see the change yourself.

With love,

Yours and only yours,
(Your Name)


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