A in school. While pursuing my engineering

A couple of years ago, while attending a corporate
leadership program, I was asked to come up with one word to describe the kind
of leader I would want to become. My answer was ‘Conscientious’. I believe that
it is important for any business leader to create a culture that is
value-driven, motivating and transparent. And this core value, in conjunction
with my background in engineering, work experience in consulting and focus on
healthcare segment, makes me an ideal candidate for IIM Bangalore’s PGP in


Since joining ZS Associates in July, 2015, I have worked
on multiple marketing and sales analytics projects for leading healthcare
companies based out of US and EU. Over the course of learning, leading and
advising on more than 10 major projects, I developed a thorough understanding
of the healthcare ecosystem. Considering my fast growth, I was offered an
onsite role to lead a franchise-based Marketing Analytics and Business Insights
segment of a major client based out of Chicago. The international exposure has
been vital in helping me widen my perspective and collaborate with different business
stakeholders on a global scale. Having also mentored and trained more than 5
associates over different projects, I understand the importance of building a
strong team that can function independently. This unique blend of strong
industry knowledge, international exposure and team building experience, at a
relatively young age, gives me confidence that I can add value to IIM
Bangalore’s peer group.

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Despite belonging to a small town in Odisha, my parents
always made sure that I stay ambitious by motivating me to push my limits and
develop my two core strengths – analytical thinking and oral communication. I
am extremely grateful to them for molding me into a well-rounded individual by
letting me participate in quizzes and debates since I was in 3rd
standard in school. While pursuing my engineering degree from one of India’s
premier institutes, I had the chance to break cultural boundaries and interact
with like-minded people from all over the nation. Along with building my
mathematical and analytical skills, the four years of undergraduate education
provided me with various leadership opportunities as well. I led my department
and Training and Placement segments in Monday Morning, the official
e-newsletter of NIT Rourkela, and was chosen for the core team of Innovision –
the annual techno-management festival, and International Students Meet in 2013.
I was also elected as a secretary for the Hall Management Council and nominated
by the institute director to serve for the Alumni Relations Board of my
college. These experiences played a huge role in shaping my vision of becoming
a conscientious leader.

At IIMB, I look forward to meaningfully contribute to a
class that might consist of people from diverse backgrounds such as science,
arts, commerce, medicine, pharmacy etc. I am eager to be a part of the
environment that has a strong academic setting, a plethora of supporting
activities, and a diverse cohort. I am sure I would have enough stories for my
colleagues to draw insights from, and also the right mindset to learn from theirs’.
While IIMB’s dominant position in the consulting landscape, its comprehensive
curriculum, and the presence of a leading international think tank like Centre
of Public Policy, will help me gain a 360 degree perspective, its extensive
student exchange network will help me gain the necessary cross-cultural
perspective to become that complete professional.

In the long run, I want to lead the Healthcare and Life
Science division of a consulting firm with a global presence. I am keen on
working with industry leaders, policy-makers across nations, and creating
consumer centric and economically sustainable healthcare systems. Having had
the preliminary experience in sales and marketing consulting for major
pharmaceuticals, I feel this is the right time for me to take the next step,
and I am sure that joining IIMB would result in the formation of a symbiotic
relationship- with both of us contributing to each other’s development.

Thank you for your consideration