A final step right before I reach

A happy place is somewhere that makes you feel cheerful. Everyone’s happy place is different, some people may like the beach more than the forests. My happy place is the cruise ship. What brings me joy form it includes, being able to walk around and enjoy my time, discovering new places at each port, as well the varieties of food. I do not only enjoy just the cruise ship but also the steps needed to arrive there.The first steps to arrive at my happy place is the airport because it is the starting point to my journey of choice. One of the few reasons I like the airport is, the opportunity to walk around, wait for my flight at the gate before boarding, and take in the atmosphere of the airport as a whole. This leaves my second step to reach my destination of my cruise as a happy place.The final step right before I reach my happy place is the airplane. Boarding the plane feels like I’m walking into another dimension. This dimension is like a time machine. What would typically take me weeks to arrive only takes a couple hours. I love scenery outside my window, because it allows me to create memories, it is also peaceful, and exciting. It’s feels like a  countdown to arrive at a extraordinary places.And before a snap of a finger I know it I have arrived at my happy place.When I arrive to the wonderful place that makes me happy, it feels like the gateway to heaven. The journey I have waited for so long has finally come true. This giant and astonishing machine, that can go to so many places and is as intelligent as a human, that shines brighter than the sun and swims faster than a submarring but it is also sensitive than a feather yet prettier than a cheetah and happier than  someone having their dream come true . It takes me to astonishing places, I’d never thought I’d go too . With its tall alluring paintings, fine glass elevators and its red-carpet it makes me feel like a celebrity. When I’m there I feel as free as a bird. This is where my happiness completes. 🙂