It you that before, but perhaps you skipped

It knows that I would not miss the first mail for anything, so it wakes me at ____________ (Time) every morning to be sure.

I am hoping to hear that you can come to my place very soon. But while I’m waiting for you, I just can’t find words to tell you how much your letters mean to me.

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If only you were here, I wouldn’t have to go searching for words to tell you how much I love you, words wouldn’t be necessary, would they.

Last night I visited the ____________ (Couple Name). They were married only a month ago and they moved into a three room apartment. It’s an adorable little place, even though they haven’t finished decorating it.

All they have is the bedroom furniture, a desk and some chairs in the living rooms. But they are too happy, and I am so jealous.

Good night. Now I am going to sleep to dream of you.

With all my love,
(Your Name)

Reply Letter to fiancee by fiance

My dear (Name),

I am rushing this letter to you by the very first mail just to tell you again that I love you, of course I have told you that before, but perhaps you skipped over it the first time, or thought it was a slip of the pen, or assumed that I didn’t really mean it.

I just can’t risk having you doubt it for a moment, because it the one thing in the world, I am sure about. So here it is again, clear and bold; in black and white – I love you.

I remember when it was very difficult for me to say it to you. I don’t think I even dared say it to myself. And then came the night – that night in the restaurant when I blurted it out, and since then I just can’t say it often enough.

I amuse myself by trying to guess what you are doing at some particular moment. Right now you’re probably still sleeping, for its only ____________ (Time). I can just see you, your lips parted in quiet smile, your head buried in the pillow. Its delicious thought.

And now my big news. In a week I shall be able to get away for that visit to ____________ (Place Name) and you. Again and again I tried to get them to let me go and finally, when I had almost given up hopes, they yielded. The thought of being with you once again- although it’s only for a week – thrills me through and through.

I love you, I love you, ________________ (name) and soon very soon, God willing, I shall not have to write it.

(Your Name)


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