A Very Short Enquiry Letter with Reply – Sample

We manufacture and export children wear to ____________ (Different Country Name) and so regularly require different qualities and designs of fabrics in bulk.

Therefore we request you to send us your local representative with the samples of your fabrics along with your terms regarding price, delivery schedule and discount.

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Please ensure that all the relevant details and samples are sent to facilitate a speedy decision.

Yours faithfully.
(Company Name)

Reply to Above Letter

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much indeed for your interest in our fabrics. We are enclosing some of our latest samples and a copy of our fully illustrated catalogue. Our local representative will call on you sometime next week with some more samples. He will be pleased to answer any of your questions. He is fully authorized to negotiate and to strike a deal.

We hope to include you soon into our ever expanding Family of ____________ (Company Name).

Yours sincerely,
(Company Name)


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