a. to increase current customer visits by providing

a.       What is the target market for this
marketing plan?

The target market for Hillside Veterinary
Clinic is to attract all families around the Wellington area, with a ten-mile
radius, for the family’s small animals. They want to attract pet owners who
live within the area of their business by providing bundled service packages,
participating in community events and increasing their advertisements, building
a new, larger facility and extending their business hours along with the
expansion, and adjusting their price as needed. The business also wants to
increase existing customer visits by providing different promotions and
bundling services. Hillside Veterinary Clinic plans to use different tactics to
increase current customer visits by providing bundled service packages,
providing a website, brochures and social media to help promote their business,
extend business hours, and adjust pricing as needed. Although this business has
two target markets, they can provide similar products, promotions, prices, and
the same place for each strategy.

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b.      What is the strategy Hillside Veterinary
Clinic intends to use?

Hillside Veterinary Clinic’s marketing
strategy is to attract new customers, and increase existing customer visits by
bundling services with attractive prices and advertisements.

For Hillside Veterinary Clinic to attract
new customers, they intend to bundle different services for small animals such
as their puppy or kitten package. The puppy or kitten package includes a set
price for different kinds of services such as, spay/neuter, vaccinations, a
booklet on pet care/training, and much more that a first-year pet would need.
The package also provides customers with a free one-year-old check-up, which
helps maintain customer value and makes them want to return to their business.
Hillside Veterinary Clinic plans to keep their advertisements up-to-date, and
participate in different community events, so they can increase the number of
customers. The business also plans to expand their business, which will offer
new extended hours for their customers.

For existing customers, the clinic intends
to offer different bundle services soon such as, dental service package and
geriatric health care packages. The dental service package includes services
such as, medical examination, dental x-rays, sample package of Greenies dog/cat
treats, and many more services for the owner to get actively involved with
their pet’s dental care. Geriatric health care package is going to provide
services for older animals, six-years-old and above. Services that will be
provided include kidney screens, standard medical examination, and much more
for the owner to get the correct care for aging animals. Along with the service
provided, the company also hands out free products such as refrigerator magnets
with the company’s logo on it to promote their company.


c.       What are your initial reactions to this
strategy? Do you think it will be successful? Why or why not?

My initial reaction was that the company
not only provided tactics to attract new customers, but also how to increase
existing customer visits.  While I was
reading about Hillside Veterinary Clinic, I noticed that their strategy had
outlined each marketing mix; Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. Hillside
Veterinary Clinic’s marketing strategy will be successful. I like how Hillside
Veterinary Clinic knows their prices are slightly higher than surrounding veterinaries
however, they promise to provide great quality to each animal and its owner. The
main veterinarian, Dr. Hardy, spends extra time to make sure she explains
everything well for the customer to understand what is going to be done with
their animal. I also like how they send out Christmas cards to their current
customers. The business provides long term goals, such as building a new
facility and extending their clinic hours, which is another reason why this
strategy will be successful. They are setting long and short term goals, and
providing well-thought-out strategic to make their business successful.


Chapter 3 –
Competitors and External Market Environment:

a.       In the Competitors section, what dimensions
were used to analyze competitors? What other dimensions might have been

Hillside Veterinary Clinic uses the
following dimensions to analyze competitors; prices of spay/neuter for dogs and
cats, clinic hours, different types of anesthesia used (if used), are other
businesses providing extra services like acupunctures, location of business (if
they are closer to town, easy access, or further away from town), what services
are competitors providing (dentistry, grief support, in-house laboratory
testing), do competitors have their own website or social media accounts, and
how many doctors do they have available.

The business could consider other
dimensions to examine such as, how much space their parking lot provides for
customers, if the competitors strategies are different, how do they have an impact
on your business, how much do each competitor advertise (is it more than your
company advertises), what sources of advertisement are competitors using, do
your competitors have multiple locations, and what discounts do they provide
(similar and different). If Hillside Veterinary Clinic would use the list I
created about some of the other dimensions they could examine with their
competitors, they would become more successful.


b.      How was competitor information gathered?
How else could Hillside have gathered information about its competitors?

In the book, it was stated that information
of competitors was gathered by reading and reviewing the Yellow Pages ad, competitor’s website (if they had one), and they
contacted each competitor to ask them different questions about their pricing
and services that they provided.

Hillside could have gathered information
from their competitors by asking their own customers if they switched to
Hillside from a different vet, and ask them why they decided to switch. If they
realize a customer is no longer coming into their office, they could contact
them and ask why they decided to switch to a different vet clinic. Feedback
from customers is important in figuring out what Hillside needs to do different
or keep the same.


c.       What aspects of the external market
environment are included in the marketing plan? What do you think is the most

Aspects of the external market environment
that are included in the marketing plan include the following; economic
environment, technological environment, political and legal environment, and
cultural and social environment. The economic environment impacts the business
because it can have an impact on the resources the business uses, which could
cause a change in the marketing plan. The marketing plan can also change if the
economy is at a low point, it would be hard to keep sales up to make decent
profit. Depending if the economy is poor or good impacts the amount of preventive
health care products sales. Technological environment has its impact on
Hillside because technology plays an important role in everyone’s business
today, which can cause the marketing plan to change. Technology offers the vet
clinic to use machinery that is ran by technology to help diagnose what the
problem is. Most of the time, technology provides a positive impact on the
business because they can provide better services. Technology can also provide
a faster and easier procedure which could even be less painless for the animal.
It also plays an important role in using the internet. Hillside could have some
products on their website that they can sell, and people can buy off the
internet. They also use the internet for social media accounts, which allows
them to interact with their customers and the community. Political and legal
environment can have an impact on the marketing plan by following and keeping
up-to-date on the state and local laws. It is important for pet owners to keep
up-to-date on vaccinations, and make sure they are providing proper care for their
animal. Vet clinics need to make sure they enforce how important pet care is to
make sure they understand the importance of animal abuse. It is important for
Hillside to be educated on animal abuse and they need to make sure they are
reporting it when they come upon it. The last external market environment is
cultural and social environment. The customers enjoy how the Hillside staff
greets their customers with their first name when they walk into the clinic. A
customer has an impact on what they purchase due to their behavior and how they
are impacted by their surroundings. It may have an impact on the marketing plan
when the business moves to their larger facility, because the customers state
that they enjoy how they can walk and not drive to the clinic. As they expand,
it might get difficult for the vet to remember each customer’s name due to more
customers coming to their clinic.

Overall, I think the most important
external market environment that can have both a positive and negative outlook
on the marketing plan. It is important to keep up-to-date with the technology,
especially because our society seems to rely on it. It could play an important
role in communication with existing and new customers. Technology is an
important part in a business being successful, as long as they are keeping up
with the new technology, they should be successful.


Chapter 4 –

a.       How does the marketing plan segment the

The two main types of segmenting dimensions
are known as qualifying dimension and determining dimensions. Qualifying
dimensions is defined in the book as “the dimensions that are relevant to
including a customer type in a product-market” (Perreault, Canon, &
McCarthy p. 674). Determining dimensions is “the dimensions that actually
affect the customer’s purchase of a specific product or brand in a
product-market” (Perreault, Canon, & McCarthy p. 668).

Qualifying dimension segments the Hillside
market by owners of small animals including dogs and cats. Another qualifying
dimension for Hillside would be living within twenty-miles of Hillside’s
location, Wellington, Colorado. “A determining dimension would be pet owners
who value high-quality care that is compassionate and personalized” (Perreault,
Canon, & McCarthy p. 584), and existing customer of Hillside or not.


b.      Can you think of other segmentation
dimensions that could be used?

One other segmentation dimensions that
could be used for Hillside would be time segmentation, they could open their
clinic on weekends for more convivence of customers. They would just have to
make sure they are not going into overtime too much. I think if they would be
open on weekends for a couple hours, they could treat some emergencies, and
they could potentially even gain new customers. If Hillside would do what is
more convenient for their customers, they would gain customer value. 


c.       What do you think of the approach Hillside
used to determine target markets? Is it using a single target market, multiple
target market, or combined target market approach?

The approach Hillside is using is a
combined target market approach. The reason being is because Hillside has two
different target markets. One is trying to attract small animal pet owners with
live with in ten-miles of Wellington who are not Hillside Veterinary Clinic
customers. The second target market is trying to increase current customer
visits by offering different types of promotions. Hillside is using a combined
target market approach because they have two smaller markets and combining it
into one large strategy.


d.      How does Hillside plan to differentiate and
position its offering?

Hillside is planning to differentiate and
position its offering by providing customers with different bundle services for
pet care to their current and new customers, which is what their target market
is. They have looked into various aspects for customers needs for veterinary
care, and they plan to deliver that care by providing high quality medical
care, and sympathetic treatment of animals and their owners. Hillside wants to
maintain a healthy relationship with their existing and new customers to create
and maintain customer value.