A valuable in organization, it provides the

A vision is an inspirational
guideline which provides the guideline to the employees of organization. A
vision is that where an organization wants to be there in future. An
organization leader or chief executive officer may develop the vision
statement. A vision motivates the people to work with passion and spend their
full energy to accomplish organization goals. A vision should be achievable, it
provides the direction to the people. Vision is just like a roadmap which
clearly direct the organization’s long-term goals. A vision is different from
mission which represent the organization objective. An organization who have
good vision can encourage employees to work with motivation. A good vision has
following characteristic like it should be challenging and easily
understandable etc. A vision is future thoughts of organization, an
organization work to reach at this point by working hard.

A vision is considering more valuable
in organization, it provides the clear direction. A vision is sometimes taken
as by their company’s slogan but it is very difficult because a company may
write their slogan by keeping all people and employees in mind and company’s
slogan shows information about company. A vision which makes people happy that
people as a part of organization is just like a family. A vision statement has
four components which involve customer orientation, employee concentration,
organization capability and degree of excellence. The basic key success factor
to satisfy customer is providing best quality of product as well as timely
delivery of product which may feel employee’s value.

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Visions can be created through
creativity, inspiration and experience. A vision may be developing by CEO or
leader of an organization. Some visionaries people having best ideas and concept
can develop vision. A leader can develop vision by motivating employees,
contacting with employees to make sure they are a part of organization as a
family. Understanding the organization internal major strengths that ensure the
organization success. By observing the ways to improve the vision to fulfill
the needs for organization success. The senior top-level management may also
develop the vision statement by coordinating with employees. The low level or
middle level management may develop vision, it is only possible by following
proper communication channels or different techniques by senior level

Almost everyone has a vision in their
life, similarly an organization have vision which gives direction about future
dreams. A vision is that an organization find themselves in next future. An
organization who have clear vision may not face problem about future change. A
vision is important as to inspire people and for the survival of growth. An
effective vision translate the organization major strengths that enable employees
to work hard and attract customers.