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English III Mr. Brown August 18, 2011 We live in a world that is “Technologically civilized”, meaning we cannot function without technology. With today’s continuous advances, technology has now became a necessity rather a luxury. Gaining information on the internet has made people become lazier and illiterate. Social interactions between people today are very dependant on technology, which will lead to the cease of face-to-face communications. Technology can do more harm than good if humankind’s association with it increases even more. First of all, people are becoming more and more dependant on the availability of information.

When seeking information, most people would use the internet rather than searching in a book. Many times the information on the World Wide Web will be inaccurate or does not appear on the internet. Although utilizing the internet for online resources is readily available, most of the content is usually unchecked or moderated by an expert. Books can offer carefully edited information and the authors can be identified, unlike internet sources. While using the internet is quick and convenient, you should not value the information just because of the speed you found it at.

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Internet sites using shorthand and “Web Hieroglyphics” for words, we find ourselves using improper grammar continuously through our writing and interaction between one another. The increased use of Spell Check has made it a crutch for those orthographically impaired. Spell Check makes individuals enjoy the illusion that they know how to spell words that they actually cannot. Correct spelling is a skill and therefore needs to be practiced, because of Spell Check, semi-literate people become incapable of effective writing and communication.

With the speed of the internet and poor grammar corrected with just a click of a mouse, can cause us to be too dependant on the commodity of internet use. Next, face-to-face communications let us nurture relationships with others, while online communications cannot allow us to fully relate with other people. With the highly used social networking and instant messaging via mobile devices, it would seem like communication is a breeze nowadays. On the contrary, you are not fully connected with other people until you can physically communicate with them.

Likewise, many people choose to filter what they put out in the social media, they will most likely hide that they had a bad experience because people have a tendency to share only positive views for their own self-image. Relationships between people are more than just keeping tabs on one’s daily life but, relating to them on a more personal level. Online education may seem like a great alternative to a traditional class, but being present in a classroom environment creates a cultivating social environment.

With online learning services, students are often isolated with only a computer to interact with, which causes communication problems. Nevertheless, in a traditional educational setting, students interact with both their teacher and fellow students as well. The absence of a teacher and other students for feedback, online learning courses create confusion, frustration and anxiety because you are learning independently. The online learning classes offer litter to no face-to-face communication between student and instructor.

Online education and multimedia technologies are negatively reshaping our way of communications and how we learn as physical conversations die off. Furthermore, many people would argue if technology is improving quickly, why not embrace it further? Even though new technology makes life easier, it does not equally allow us to be human. In the words of Albert Einstein, “It has been appallingly obvious that technology has exceeded our humanity. ” Demonstrating that one day technology around us will surpass us, Einstein supports that we are slowly letting technology take over our lives.

With technology everywhere today, we find ourselves often procrastinating with it. Studies have shown that people are beginning to spend time on everything but work while at work. The technologic work atmosphere of E-mail, internet and handheld media devices, it is very easy to let it all consume your life. Technology can make us alter the way we act and think, thus losing all ability to function as a human being. Consequently, we are so dependant on technology, that if it crashed, the world would crash all together too.

If we had lost our connection to the internet, many people would simply have to resort to older methods of living life. We can be less dependant on technology to control our lives and find alternatives to live without it. Accordingly, humans should not let themselves become so enveloped in technology, that if it ceases to exist, we would too. Finally, in today’s society it is impossible to live without technology, while it destroys our abilities to think for ourselves and perform simple tasks. We have become so dependant on it that we believe almost anything on the internet.

Our literacy skills are slowly being lowered as technology dominates us, we constantly misspell simple words. The world is now “Cyber connected” by instant messaging and online social networks that are making face-to-face conversations obsolete. Online education can have a negative impact on the way we learn and how we communicate. Becoming too dependant on technology can cause us to lose sight of what is “real” in life every time we emerge ourselves in it. Maybe if we stopped depending on technology so much, we could start living our lives and not let technology live it for us.


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