About of software that manages date files

About an Operating

“The Operating system
of a computer is the core of its system software and an operating system manages”
(Dale and Lewis, p.334) all the software and the hardware on the computer”. An
operating system is the most important that runs on a computer and without an
operating system a computer is basically useless. An operating system also
provides an interface through which a human can interact with the computer, an
operating system interacts with many aspects of a computer system that includes
application software, hardware other system software, hardware and Human users.

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Functions of Windows
10(File management)

A file management
system is a type of software that manages date files in a computer system. A
file management system has limited capabilities and is designed to manage
individual or group files on windows such as Microsoft word and PC application.

File Explorer which
was known as windows explorer before is the file manager application that runs
on windows 10.  File Explorer organises
where and how files are stored, deleted, found, and read and it also detects
errors such as incorrect file names and informs the right user that errors have
occurred on this file.  

File Explorer keeps
on developing over the years and some of the more noticeable changes are the
introduction of OneDrive as part of File Explorer, also you can now use apps to
share files and photos right from File Explorer.

of Windows 10 (File Management)

Windows 10 is the best operating system for game and you can play more games on
a windows computer compared to a Mac and this will bring in more customers for
a Windows computer.

– tasking; The concept of a multi-screen window was first introduced in
Windows 7, but it was a beta then. Microsoft has reintroduced the same concept
in Windows 10 bugles. Now users can type on their screen and simultaneously
watch videos on the same screen.

Windows 10 also includes a new feature
which allows you to switch between apps, this new feature is now known as “task
view”. The new thin about this task view is that users can now not only switch
their task but also ass more than one task to the desktop

With windows 10, most of
the drivers will automatically updated by the OS itself, gone are the days when
we used to search drivers of the hardware manually but still some drivers must
be updated manually

Security; One
of the main benefits of file manager on Windows 10 is its high security level,
filing documents and data on windows can provide different levels of security
that can keep documents confidential. Like using passwords or specific folders
for different users.

of Windows 10 (File management)

Windows 10 can only be run on computers or PCs compatible with it’s operating
system, so for example you can only run a window 10 on let’s say an acer laptop
but not on a Mac.

Compared to the previous Windows 8 and Mac OS, Windows 10 is harder to use
especially for a person using it for the first time.

Prone to virus;
Mac OS is a lot safer than Windows 10 when it comes down to viruses. A lot more
security issues exist for Windows 10 compared to Mac OS and a lot of Ma users
get on just fine without any antivirus apps.


Functions of Mac OS X
(File Management)

The Finder is the
desktop interface for a Mac Operating system that allows users to move, copy,
delete and open file, go through folders and move windows around desktop. The
Finder loads automatically when the computer starts up and is always running in
the background. Mac OS come with a Mac computer so in other words you’ll need
to own a Mac computer to be able to use Mac OS.

The Finder is
technically an application and since its always running in the background it
can not be quit like other applications like Terminal or calculator. The Finder
can only be relaunched which simply starts again the application.

The Finder keeps on
developing throughout the years and some of the more noticeable changes are the
current Finder in Mac OS X includes Dock for easy access to applications and
files, it also includes Quick Look technology, and this allows many types of
documents to be viewed directly in the Finder. The Finder is an important part
of the MAC operating system and serves as the primary interface between the
user and the MAC.


of Mac OS X (File management)

Cost; Mac
OS High Sierra comes from for free when you purchase a Mac computer while when
getting a Windows computer, you still must pay another fee to purchase Windows
10 and you get better value for money with the Mac OS because it has more functions.

Flexibility; Mac
OS is very flexible when it comes to names for files, folders and disks. A file
or folder name can be up to 255 characters long while a disk name can be up to
27 characters long. Furthermore, a
file name on Mac OS can contain any character except a colon

of use; Having used both windows 10 and Mac OS High
Sierra, Mac OS is easier to use and better to understand for a beginner
compared to using windows 10.

with Windows 10; Another benefit Mac OS X has over
windows is that Mac OS runs on intel chips which means that you can run XP
concurrently with Mac OS, with Parallels software. This means Windows can be
run on a mac.

Visibility; Each file or folder on The Finder is represented by an icon.
The Mac desktop is a good example of a very visible display view.



of Mac OS X (File management)

storage drives and certain documents need to be formatted to be compatible with
a Mac OS. The Mac OS usually formats storage media when is connects to the
computer but this can prove to be very technical and time consuming.

Cost; Mac
computers are very expensive to get and this more obvious when comparing the
price point of Mac computers with their windows counterpart and this high price
tag of Mac computers easily puts off consumers with a conscious budget.

Mac OS is very poor for gaming and there are more game titles available for
Windows than a Mac OS. This is a big disadvantage due to growing market of
gamers and most of the games they play are not compatible with Mac OS.





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