Abstract people in the world today facing

Abstract            LGBT has become a widely accepted designation
for minorities based on sexual and gender orientation. All member of these
subgroups are subject to similar prejudices rooted in beliefs and traditions
about sexuality and gender. LGBT people, as members of a social minority group,
are suffering from various forms of socio-economic and cultural injustice. The
lacks of social recognition has an effect on the capacity f LGBT people to
fully access and enjoy their rights as citizens. They are more likely to
experience intolerance, discrimination, harassment etc, Some major problem
faced by LGBT people across the world is the theme of this article.    Keywords: Transgender, LGBT,
Sexual, Social Exclusion   Introduction            The
Human being is wonderful creations in the world, the identifying of Human forms
are male and female. Like that in the world, there are a another gender also
available that means Trans  man female
to  male or trans womenmale to female
that is called as Transgender or Trans Tritya- Prakriti- literally-Third
nature. Someone who differ from male or female that person is called   Third gender or Transgender. It experiences
a mismatch between gender identities. But this paper is focusing about Social and
Ethical issues of Transgender. Transgender            Transgender
people who were usually live or perfect to live in the gender role different to
the one in which they were assigned at birth. It was not decided their own, it
was created by God, it is a nature. The preferred gender role may or may not be
related to their sexual preference. It is an umbrella term that it includes,
cross- dressing, Transsexuals, gender-variant person and intersexes person.The Social and Ethical Problem of Transgender
community            The
Transgender community separate socio-cultural groups they are also called as of
hijras or aravains, in India. The people may face many issues in the society
their day to day life. Denial of life is the singal most damaging
discrimination against transgender community. Transgender people in the world
today facing intolerance, stigma, discrimination and violence The Human Right
violation against transgender people, pervade families, educational
institution, and workplace, institutions such as law-enforcement media,
healthcare and society at large.  The Main problem faced by Transgender
CommunityØ  Equality problemØ  Educational problemØ  PovertyØ  No JobØ  HomelessnessØ  Marriage is question markØ  Mental stress Ø  Pushed to sex workØ  Vulnerable to HIVAIDS Equality problem            Transgender
 are  also  part  of  the  society  and
 they  have  equal  right  to  everything
 in  the  world  that  is  available  to
 all  other  persons.  The  presence  of
 such  transgender  is  not  new,  but
 their  presence  is  there  from  the  time
 immemorial  as  could  be  seen  from
 several  scripts,  probably  because  the
 nature  requires  such  a  class  to
 maintain  the  equilibrium.   The  most
 important  aspect  we  have  to  think  is
 the  discrimination.  The  discrimination  based
 on  their  class  and  gender  makes  the
 transgender  community  one  of  the  most
 disempowered  group  in  India  Society.  Education Problem            Transgender
 right  to  education  has  become  fundamental
 right  and  all  steps  should  be  taken
 by  the  government  to  ensure  proper
 education  to  them,  and  in  this
 respect  proper  legislation  is  to  be
 made  like  other  countries.  For  e.g.,
 in  the  United  States  the  Constitution
 has  been  amended.  California  Law  explicitly
 provides  that  public  schools  and  non?religious  private  schools  that  receives
 State  funding  have  a  legal  duty  to
 protect  students  from  discrimination  and
 harassment  n  the  basis  of  sex  and
 perceived  gender  identity.  Under  the
 Federal  Law,  discrimination  or  harassment
 directed  at  transgender  or  gender
 transformed  students  may  violate  the  equal
 protection  clause  of the  Constitution.  All
 students  have  Federal  Constitutional  right
 to  equal  protection  under  the  law  and
 this  means  that  the  schools  have  a
 duty  to  protect  transgender  students  from
 harassment  on  an  equal  basis  with
 other  students.  If  the  management  fails
 to  respond  to  harassment  directed  at
 transgender  students,  then  that  will  amount
 to  violating  equal  protection  clause.
  Poverty            Most of
the transgenders are pushed to know reasons. They are not employment. They are
expelled from family. Hence they are homeless people, joblessness and homelessness
push them to sex work and begging. The harassment pushes them to excess use of
tobacco drugs alcohol etc.No
Job                        The
trans people are not educated and qualified to do any skilled work, the job opportunity for them is nil. The
transgender themselves have no knowledge of their rights to Education and
Employment. Lack of awareness on their Education and Employment rights among
the masses continue to remain. As a result the majority of the transgender are
either pushed to begging or prostitution. Marriage Is a Question MarkTransgender people face unique legal issues
with consider to marriage. While marriage is legal for same-sex couples nationwide, it is an option and a actuality for many
who are transgender some people are aware that transgender persons are often
able to enter into a heterosexual marriage after undergoing sex-reassignment.
What may be less well-known, however, is that a transgender person may also be
married to a person of the same sex. That condition arises, for example, when
one of the spouses in a heterosexual marriage comes out as transsexual and
transitions in the marriage. If the couple chooses to stay together, as many
do, the result is a legal marriage in which both spouses are male or female. Otherwise,
in states that do not allow a transgender person to change his or her legal
sex, some transgender people have been able to marry a person of the same sex.
To all outward appearances and to the couple themselves, the marriage is a
same-sex union. In the eyes of the law, however, it is a different-sex marriage
because technically speaking the act continues to view the transgender spouse
as a legal member of his or her birth sex even after sex-reassignment. In short,
marriage is a very real option for a variety of transgender people in a range
of circumstances.Homelessness            Homelessness
is an universal issue for the transgender people. It’s the problem of entite
LGBT community. Once the family comes to know the person is a transgender,the
members slowly and steadily treat the individual insuch a way the individual by
themselves leave the house unnoticed. When a person leaves the house and become
homeless, who can control their behavior and who can fulfill his physiological
needs? A homeless person cannot be disciplined by social control as they are
free to behave the way their likes. The individual suffers from mental physical
and emotional health.Mental Stress            Many transgender and gender-variant people
experience stigmatization and bias as a result of living in a gendered culture
into which they often do not easily fit. They may not only experience our inner
sense of not belonging but also discrimination harassment sometimes lethal
violence and denial of basic human rights. These issues more often bring
transgender people into contact with mental health professionals. Pushed To Sex Work            Unemployment
Homelessness and poverty push the Transgender to involve themselves in
sex-work. They are normally involve in unprotected sex work in an unhygienic
dark places such as canal bund railway lines, etc causing HIV AIDS to the
clients as well as to themselves. On the absence of proper training and
education, a transgender has to resort to either sex work or beg to make a living.
That is the reason these people have high degree of suicidal tendencies.Vulnerable To HIVAIDS          According to study, LGBT youth have greater
HIV risks. Over all the homeless population has a disproportionately higher
risk of  HIV transmission. One
particularly disturbing consequence of being homeless is engaging in behaviors
that put one self at risk for HIV infection. Transgender suffer from
homelessness, they involve in bad behavior to earn their living. As of them are
not aware of the safe sexprotected sex practices, they easily fall a prey to
STDHIV|AIDS. The illiterate labourers normally fall a victim to the calls of
these transgenders. As a result HIVAIDS easily spread among them. They
generally avoid going to doctors for beings rejected or for want of money.Conclusion

 Transgender  persons  must  be  properly
 documented  in  census they  need  to  be
 considered  statutory  reservation  in  educational
 institutions  and  job  opportunities  in
 public  and  private  sector. They  need  to
 be  empowered  with  high  degree  of
 education  and  vocational  training  to
 upgrade  their  earning  and  status  in  the
 society. Since  they  are  prone  to  health
 setbacks,  they  need  proper  medical
 facilities  including  insurance  in  the
 health  sector.  

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