According mental health and also will result in

According to Saranani (2015), stress is
universally explained as pressure, tension or unpleasant conflicts originating
from outside oneself. While
Gharib et al. (2016) stated that stress actually is the condition that happens
when individuals recognize that the circumstances or strains facing them may be
more than their strength. Stress also can be defined as the discomfort,
feelings that can minimize one’s ability to perform their work and also can weigh
up one’s potential of giving a commitment to something they need to do. A minimal
add up from claiming stress could help to increase the employee’s productivity,
however, an excessive amount of stress will provide impact to the employee’s
mental health and also will result in poor performance such as anxiety and

             While according to Gharib et al. (2015) the
term of job stress itself can be defined as a group of external harmful factors
that happen in the work surroundings which it may be affected in a psychological,
physical or social of the employees. (Greenberg & Baron, 2007; Arnold &
Feldman, 2000 as cited in Gharib et al. 2015). It can be supported by Ali et
al. (2014), where it stated the job stress can lead to decrease in employees’
efficiency, an increase in absenteeism and turnover. Basically, job stress is
the important problems that the organization needs to deal in order to produce
the employees’ quality work.

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can give a positive impact on employees only with a definite amount which an
employee can handle, yet, frequently it beats the tolerable boundaries and has
a negative outcome for employees (Khuong and Yen, 2016). Based on the results
of analysis on the effect of work stress on employee performance, it found that
negative lapse coefficient is not important. In a simple means, higher job
stress gives no impact on improving employee performance.

(2015) stated that lower job stress will increase the performance of employees.
Bruggenn (2015) also supports this statement by stating that at moderate stages
of stress and workload, performance can be enhanced due to the presence of
sufficient motivation of the individual to perform tasks efficiently, but not
too abundant that may shift the individual’s focus from the task away. At low
levels of stress, stimulation may be too low to inspire effective performance,
while at high levels of stress stimulation is too high to be useful for an
effective task performance

the study, it can be concluded that essentially if an employee has an
uncomfortable and large amount of stress, they will try to avoid the tasks and
it results in the decreasing of their task performance. A small amount of
stress is scientifically proven can help increase the motivation of performance
and encourage determined in work performance, however, too much of stress will
give uncomfortable and insincere feelings to perform the task.


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