According to acknowledge difference among individuals and

According to
Neil Bissoondath’ s article, “I’m not racist but…”, people often make remarks
that could potentially be seen as something racist and they are mostly brought
up due to lack of knowledge, prejudice beliefs or are just ignorant about any
other cultures or races. Historically racism have always been a subject that
concerns every individual in our society, at any moment everyone can be
confronted with racism, regardless of sex or race. To understand how racism is
perpetuated, defining stereotype is crucial. According to
stereotype is a standardized conception of a whole group of people refusing to acknowledge
difference among individuals. There are many examples of pure racial hatred
like for instance Nazism.


historical example of pure racial hatred was Nazism involving the Nazis and
Jewish people. The ideas of racial superiority and racial conflict were
particularly evident in Nazism. the Nazis used prejudice values and racial
biases .to proclaim their belief that the Germans and some related Nordic
peoples were the heirs of an “Aryan master race” that could be restored through
careful breeding. The Nazis wanted to exert dominance over other “inferior”
races. The Nazis viewed the Jews as their key enemy and sought to rid Europe of
the Jews. This resulted in the systematic genocide known as the holocaust

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conclusion, Neil asserts that prejudice and stereotyping people will not stop
until people are no longer ignorant about other, learn to acknowledge
difference among individuals and become unify to eliminate it. These examples
above exemplify the power prejudice beliefs have in manifesting racial hatreds. 


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