Advantages and Disadvantages of “Laparoscopic Method of Tubectomy”? – Explained!

Laparoscopic method of tubectomy has gained considerable popularity over other methods of female sterilization that:

1. The incision made in the abdomen is-very small as compared to open operations where large cuts from 5 to 10 inches or more are made so that the surgeon’s hand can pass through easily.

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2. In spite of tiny incision, the doctor’s view of the area is not limited but a magnified picture is flashed on to the T.V. screen which is better than the view obtained during conventional surgery.

3. The small opening causes less injury during and after the operation. Moreover the chances of bleeding and other complications are minimum.

4. A small cut causes less pain afterwards and heals very quickly.

5. Chances of post-operative infections are minimum since the internal organs are not exposed to bacteria.

6. Internal organs are not damaged because they are not pulled out to provide access to the chosen area.

7. One of the biggest advantages is the total time of the doctor as well as patient saved because in this method the patient is hospitalized for one day only. Hence overall cost of operation is decreased.


1. The instrument is very costly so small hospitals cannot afford to purchase it.

2. In some cases laparoscopic operation may take longer time.

The operations which can be done with a laparoscope are tubectomy, removal of gall bladder with or without stones; removal of appendix, a diseased kidney or lung; hepatic ulcer, hernias and disorders of large intestines.


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