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After finishing one-year OPT, I started my entrepreneurship for fit foods with my college best friend, Lin. Our mission was to provide healthy pre-packed meals for those who desired to follow fit lifestyles as well as for bodybuilders. A that time, “Business with Humanity” meant a sustainable practice to me. Lin and I exemplified this concept via our entrepreneurship by preparing our product with organic vegetables and mean and also by using compostable bowls for our products.My undergraduate education at UC Los Angeles paralleled “Business with humanity in mind” on a theoretical level. As an Economics major, and Accounting minor, I have a in-depth understanding of sustainable and fair practices, and the value in humanity behind real businesses. Although separated by most businessmen and institutions, business and humanity should not be mutually exclusive. Through the course of Environmental Economics, I recognized the harms of “Tragedy of the Commons”, a situation where individuals behave on their own benefits by exhausting the common and shared resources. Through Auditing and Fraud Examination, I came to realize that focusing on profits alone would lead to detrimental consequences for industry and society at large.In addition to my coursework inscribed with humanistic elements, I was eager to practice the conceptual knowledge from the curriculum, and translate the lessons into real world objectively. Namely, I actively participated in Los Angeles Minimum Wage research, which aimed to evaluate the effects of higher minimum wage ordinance in the Los Angeles metropolitan region. By collecting data from local restaurants, organizing information with Excel spreadsheets and analyzing them using linear regression model, I observed a trend that the higher the level of minimum wage, the lower the rate of employment. Intrigued by such a trend, I made further researches, and discovered that increasing the minimum wage might have both favorable and unfavorable effects. Setting minimum wage too high would increase costs for employers, consequently resulting in massive layoffs. On the other hand, the low level of minimum wages would have an adverse effect, ultimately diminishing the quality of lives for employees, thus humanity would suffer. With good morality at forefront and the interests of both sides taken into consideration in determining the minimum wage, this research offered me an invaluable lesson in making business decisions without sacrificing humanity.In next five years, with the credo of Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and my commitment to “Business with Humanity”, I will see myself as an entrepreneur who strives to emphasize community involvement and humanitarian aid rather than just my entrepreneurship’s profits. I will participate in charitable events and give donations to advocate for less fortunate in my community. As a team leader, I will create a corporate culture with relaxed working atmosphere that upholds high ethical standards to help our employees seek out their potential in achieving their career goals. I will abide to keeping “Business with Humanity” in mind when considering each business decisions, therefore giving my all to create a society that benefits from helping one and other.


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