All with a brunch was initiated by us

All the members of these professional organizations were invited along
with their family whose arrangement was done by our team. All the professional
organizations were personally called up and invited mentioning about the
details and about the event. A cricket match with a brunch was initiated by us
along with Oxenford cricket club on Sunday at 9’o clock at Oxenford cricket
club. But all were not interested due to which only 5 organizations were come
up along with their staff and family members. Except these professional
organizations, other people were also invited such as the members of the club
i.e. our players and other socially involved members, their families and
friends as well as the people from the local community. There are different
cricket matches at the same time on different set of grounds of the club. This
difference is on the basis of age and gender as some matches are for the
children of different age groups whereas some matches are for women and other
are for men. The event was a great success as everyone has enjoyed a lot and
everyone appreciated our effort and team work. Some more members were added to
the club after this event. The event was well organized and managed considering
the entire major facilities such as availability of drinking water, food, first
aid kit and seating arrangement. The basic motive behind this event is to
invite these organizations in Oxenford cricket club so that they can have a
look of the club, its management, services, facilities, environment, equipment,
etc. This event will positively affect the club for a long time as it was
highly cherished by the people and they had shown interest for the club and
demand for these types of events on regular basis. After the cricket match, all
the professional organizations were briefed about the need of fundraise and how
it will be utilized for the benefit of the public and for the members of the
club. They enjoy this event and also they see what they are contributing for. From
these 5 professional organizations only 2 organizations were able to answer all
our questions and the information or details required. These 2 organizations
are UK Environmental Law Association and London Library
Association. They are ready for fundraise the Oxenford cricket club as they
like the concept and idea behind this event.

UK Environmental Law Association was founded in1987. It is a limited
company and has a registered charity. There main objective or motive is to do
work for the betterment of the environment. They basically want to make this
environment a better place to live and work. They want to make people more
aware about the environmental laws. So they are always interested and volunteer
for charity. They donate to make public more aware or to educate them in some
or the other way. The basic objective is to benefit the public in any way. The
other organization is London Library Association who is now called as or known
to the people by the name of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information
Professionals (CILIP). It was established in 2002 with the effect of
merger with the library association. It is one of the prominent professional bodies
for information specialists, librarians and information leaders in the United
Kingdom. Their basic policy is to develop all facets of specialized practice with
the help of its work through the medium of education.

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