I’m Or are you seriously ill? But you

I’m being wasted day and night, and life has become a burden what should I do? Tell me, what does your silence mean? Have you fallen in love with some other woman of your choice? My suspicions raise a vision of another damsel delighting your heart.

But you swore many a time to remain constant and faithful to me. Or are you seriously ill? But you must have at least informed me.

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I suffer strange slow suffocation, and gaze at your photograph put on the wall in my personal room. It’s all empty confusion around me. O my love, why have you turned so cruel. If you don’t respond immediately, or come to see your dream girl, she will wither away like a flower.

Oh divine physician of my heart, come and heal this love­sick maiden of yours. I don’t know whom to turn for help or guidance in these dark hours. Who will understand my agony and suffering if not you?

Mother, I cannot mind my wheel;

My fingers ache, my lips are dry;

Oh! If you felt the pain I feel!

But oh, who ever felt as I!

Yours in agony,
(Your Name)


I'm Johnny!

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