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An Evaluation of Training and Development Programmes for Improved Organizational Performance2.1 IntroductionDue to the dynamism of the global market, organizations are exposed to competition irrespective of the market model and industry. An organization is made of up of both human and material resources, but the human resources are in a position of manipulating the material resources to achieve organizational goals and objectives. 139For an organization to dominate and remain relevant in a choice market, it must leverage on its human resources as a competitive weapon human_capital_… The strength of an organization arguably depends on the human capital of its workforce. The human capital is so pivotal that all organizational structures rests on it and is directly consequential to the overall performance of the organization. Its necessity has caused organizations to dedicate enough attention and resources towards the training and development of its workforce.Training and development is an aspect of human resource practices that help in the systematic restructuring of employees’ attitude, behaviour, knowledge, skills and competence capable of improving employees’ ability to perform more efficiently through education, instruction and planned experience 39, falola Training and development play a very important role in the efficiency of an organization. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most pervasive techniques for improving employees’ performance and enhancing organisation productivity in the work place 22 falola. Training and developments is so important that U.S companies spend over $70.3billion annually on the training of their employees. Training mag It is really very expensive to undertake, but on the long run, it gives more than it took Kaynak 2003, 377 It is a form of investment by organizations, that does not only bring high return on investment, but also aids to achieve competitive advantage Elnaga and Imran 2013, 377Employees are the indispensable asset and key element for gaining competitive advantage of any organization, and training is an essential tool for its actualization 23. This chapter is focused on the review of literal works on the training and development of employees for organization growth and performance enhancement. 2.1 OVERVIEW OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENTIn the past, success in training and development was greatly hampered due to the traditional mentality that employees hired under a merit system are qualified and fully trained for their jobs (Okotoni and Erero, 2005). It was also assumed that in situations where employees aren’t fully trained, the initial hiring process was faulty. (Stahl, 1956). These assumptions are not only erroneous, but also very detrimental to the growth of organizations. With contemporary approach towards training, erroneous assumptions have been dropped and organizations are now open to making huge investments towards the building of their employees’ human capital.Training and development offers an avenue through which the skills, knowledge and abilities of employees can be enhanced, improved and updated. This is very necessary because challenges in the market are beckoning on organizations to keep in tune with changing trends and to also offer something beyond the status quo (training-and-… 7). To meet this ever growing need, employees must be equipped with new or traditional methods or techniques or modules to translate information, knowledge and skills, to practice it in an organization in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the organization. Long man These responsibilities have been saddled on the shoulders of training and development.According to Paper-20 Training is the nerve that suffices the need of fluent and smooth functioning of work. This means that without training, work process will be disjointed and chaotic. Paper-20 further opined that development as a process, leads to qualitative as well as quantitativ


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