An in mathematics. After that, I was placed

ever-growing world of science and technology motivated me to take up
engineering. I choose to major in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with
an intense urge to get into this challenging field. During my under graduation,
program I learned the various fundamentals of Electronics & Communication
Engineering which together with practical course work augmented my interest. I
really hope to get enrolled into the Master’s program, for the
September-December, 2018 fall. In the paragraphs ahead, I have mentioned my
educational background, motivation for graduate study and my areas of interest.Starting off
with my academic’s, I completed my schooling till 10th standard in
Mount Carmel School, Jindwari, India, in ICSE board. My school helped me
develop better in the field of science, right from the initial stages, with
different science exhibitions. In my 7th standard, I made a project
on, how the working of windmill connected to a well helps to collect and store
well water without human effort instead, just the windmill’s movement and that
too, not with the help of machines but merely blowing wind. I have secured 87%
marks in 10th standard though I secured 74% in science, 88% in
mathematics and 95% in computer science. This lead me to opt non-medical for my
high school.

In my high
school, along with my studies, I took part in the Guinness world records
attempt to make the largest human water droplet in National Fertilizer Stadium,
India and got the international certificate for that. Talking about my
academics, I was able to secure 78% in science and 85% in mathematics. After
that, I was placed in the top 20% of the 14.5 lakh students, who took
engineering entrance examination. This performance helped me in getting
admission into Punjabi University, Patiala, India in Electronics &
Communication Engineering.  During my undergraduate course, I
was exposed to various courses with applications like Electromagnetic field
theory, Control engineering, Power electronics, Linear Integrated Circuits,
Analog and digital communication systems, Computer networks, Digital Signal
Processing, Computer programming, Visual programming, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers,
Optical fiber communication and many more. I was well versed in programming
languages like C, C++ & VB.Net  too.  

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In my first
year, we were introduced with a new language called C language along with the
other older subjects. This reminded me of my school memories when I learnt
basic java programming over there. So, after the first year got completed, I
thought to not waste time and try to excel more in that new subject along with
core java during my summer break. I took admission into project based training
in C, C++ and core java in ISO certified Indian government institute (National
Institue of Computer Technology). I was able to obtain first division
certificate in these languages. I made a project in java for a civil hospital,
which digitalized the OPD register and reduced the manual effort.

During the
second year, I encountered new subjects which were purely electronics and
started to cope up. Then we were directed that our next semester would include
microcontrollers, embedded systems, etc. Then, I thought why not to take some
practical knowledge about them beforehand. With that regard, I got admitted to
National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and research and started off
with the project based training in Embedded System & PCB Design. Therefore,
after my second summer break, I completed my training along with the
certificate for my project’s successful working. The project was a solar energy
tracking system which moved along with the sun’s movement. It was different
from the existing sun’s energy tracking systems because it would work along
with the sun and after the sunset it would return back to the sunrise position
with a faster time delay which will reduce the energy lost to start again for
the next day.

In the third
year, I tried to become a part of two International Conferences on Innovative
Trends in Electronics Engineering held during the start and end of the year.
Currently, in my final year I have decided to do a project in Internet of
Things which deals with both electronics and computer coding. I would also like
to add up that I have managed a place in very well established IT Company,
Infosys, as a fresher engineer, with a salary package of 3.25 lakhs, already.

From my
kinder garden my medium of instruction is English. I had given GRE and scored
296 out of 340, which adds to my English language proficiency. I am heading to
give the TOEFL iBT test on 28th of January, 2018 and soon my scores
will be reported to you through ETS. As it is said that excellence in life can
be achieved through determination, hard work and dedication, yet I would like
to give a little of my time more so that I can get even better and be able to
grab much higher salary package. Therefore, I would like to pursue a post
graduate course that control system in your esteemed university.

I am very
much interested to do MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering/Computer
Science in your esteemed university. My longing to continue my future studies
at your graduate school aroused because it is one of the top colleges in USA
having fine record of academic excellence and is embedded with expert faculty
and research facilities. The other reason why I want to study at your
university is that it has a confluence of people from every nationality,
religion and race. Overall development of the personality can be done and it
helps me to broaden my concept from nationalism to internationalism.I believe
that my serious intention for study, my projects, my certifications and strong
academic background in various areas will be beneficial for my graduate studies.
Attending your prestigious institution would give me an opportunity to receive
high-level education under the guidance of prominent professors and excellent
teachers. I am sure I will be able to prove myself.

Thank you
for your precious time and consideration.