Anatomy In the 5th Century B.C.E a

Anatomy and Physiology has had an incredible effect on what we know about ourselves today. Anatomy and Physiology taught us how our body works and how to mend and take care of the human body.  With all of these discoveries we have learned how to fight off diseases and viruses, learned how to mend injuries more efficiently. Anatomy and Physiology has made breakthrough finds on how to grow human tissue from stem cells in a lab. With discoveries like this doctors can help individuals with severe burns that need intense surgeries.The Beginning of Anatomy and Physiology In the 5th Century B.C.E a Greek scientists by the names of Alcmaeon and Empedocles performed the first human dissection which they stated that the brain was the main center of intelligence. A more controversial anatomist was Herophilus and Erasistratus because they were accused of performing vivisections. Vivisections are dissections on a living person. Although they both were doing something morally and lawfully wrong they did learn a lot of important findings of of the eye, liver, and brain that helped start the beginning of what we know today as Anatomy and Physiology. One of the earliest records of dissections was in B.C.E 1600-1550 two ancient egyptian papyri discovered organs such as  heart, liver, spleen, kidney, uterus, and bladder as well as blood vessels heart, liver, spleen, kidney, uterus, and bladder as well as blood vessels. Egyptians were very familiar with the human anatomy due to the mummifications they performed.Anatomy and Physiology TodayAnatomy has been the focal point of how we perform any medical procedure today. With all of the discoveries in the past medical professionals are able to make even more revolutionary discoveries to help people and their issues. Anatomy is essential for surgeons for either a simple procedure or an intricate procedure as a brain surgery.  A lot of simple procedures cannot be done without what we know about the body today. Anatomy is vital to people’s everyday life. But there has been a decline in surgeons following protocols and higher amount of mistakes due to the fact of doctor not following the correct approach to learning anatomy.  Between 1995 and 2000, there was a 7-fold increase in claims associated with anatomical errors submitted to the Medical Defence Union and, recently, 32% of claims made to the Medical Defence Union in general and vascular surgery were reported to be for ‘damage to underlying structures’.The Future of Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy and Physiology is no doubt a very vital subject that people who are going into a medical practice. Over past years the subject has become less of an importance to students who major in a medical profession. Evidence shows that the way Anatomy and Physiology is being taught is slowly diminishing where the safety of patients might be compromised and something should be done to enforce the subject. Overall Anatomy and Physiology is a very important and vital subject that shows how the human body works. Without a number of people the human race probably would not have the life expectancy because of we would not know how the human body works. The body is a fascinating thing that we are still learning about and it is important to keep learning about Anatomy and Physiology.