Animal “four legs good, two legs bad”. The

Animal Farm by George Orwell published by Harcourt, Brace, and Company, on the 17th of August 1945. I love this book because of its deeper meaning. The story is trying to show how people are being treated and how people can rise up and concur their, controllers.    Mr. Jones the owner of Manor Farm falls asleep in a drunken slumber all the animals meet in the barn at the request of old Major a 12-year-old pig give a speech about their human owner evil inflicted on them. He tells all the farm animals that they have to stand up to Mr. Jones and his crew because they are used almost to death and do not get the spoils of their work, they don’t get the milk they produce for their young, they don’t get the hay they work so hard to harvest. Major says he had a dream where animals ruled the world. Major teaches all the barn animals a song called “Beasts of England”. The old pig Major dies 3 days later. The animals plan a rebellion for 3 months. Napoleon, Snowball, and a pig named Squealer made up an idea called animalism an idea that animals were superior to humans and that humans are evil. There are 7 commandments that are the basic rules of the following animalism. Because they were the most intelligent, the pigs are placed in charge of educating the animals about animalism. Mr. Jones gets drunk and forgets to feed animals so they are all in barn and restless. Cows break into food barn and the humans find out and get whips and all attack the humans. The animals chase the humans out of the farm securing it for themselves. Now being the owners of the farm they gave out double rations for all.The pigs changed the name from Manor Farm to Animal Farm and created a Green flag to represent fields of England and White hooves for animals feet. They had Sunday meetings where they all discussed farm problems at the meetings, Snowball and Napoleon always voice the loudest opinions. However, their opinions always seemed to clash. Snowball comes up with a slogan “four legs good, two legs bad”. The animals had a hard time harvesting because there were only human tools. Two dogs Jessie and Bluebell had puppies that Napoleon takes them immediately because he believed they needed to be trained and taught. So he raises them in the loft of the barn away from everyone else. The then found out where the milk and apples we going. They were being mixed in with the pigs food because the pigs are “the leaders and the brain workers”.    By late summer, news of what happened at the farm is spreading all over country. Napoleon sends birds to spread the news of what happened on the farm. Mr. Jones tries to get help from other farmers but no one helps him.Snowball studied Julius Caesar and expected this kind of attack. He sent first couple fleets of birds to attack, then to retreat which gave the humans an idea that they won the battle, so when they walked back to the gate. During the battle a horse named boxer accidentally killed a man. Snowball ensures that killing a man was good.Snowball had an idea to build a windmill to automate the work on the farm. Napoleon thought this was a bad idea because they would starve trying to build it. So they had 2 meeting to debate the idea Napoleon and Snowball could not come to an agreement. Napoleon commands the dogs he has been raising to attack Snowball and chases him and the exile him. Napoleon says he is the only leader and he was the only person who made rules. Napoleon also said that there would be no more meeting. Squealer makes up a story that snowball was a traitor and was a traitor all along. With Snowball gone, Squealer and Napoleon explain that all along Napoleon never disliked the idea of a windmill, he just said he didn’t as a tactic to oppose to Snowball and to get rid of Snowball.They worked very hard all year to build the windmill. The pigs made them start working on Sundays, which was unlike before. If they didn’t work they couldn’t eat. The animals were eager for more work because they were no longer working for humans, but working for themselves so they wanted to. After a lack of resources Napoleon starts trading with Mr. Whymper, from Willingdon. Which was not against 7 commandments because it did not forbid trading of money. The pigs moved into the farmhouse. When animals questioned if that was against the rules, Squealer said no and blamed Snowball for spreading rumors if they still believed that. A massive storm hits the farm and makes the windmill fall down. Napoleon claims that snowball sabotaged it and offers apples to the person who kills the traitor. To get more money Napoleon starts demanding the chickens give 400 eggs a week. Which was worse than what the humans did to them. Seven hens die from starvation.  During a harsh winter they try to rebuild the windmill. They tell the farm that snowball has been sabotaging the farm to kill them all.  Pigs tell animals that at the battle of Cowshed, Snowball tried to get them all killed. Napoleon makes a rule that the song of the farm “Beasts of England” was no longer aloud to be sung. Napoleon declares he is the leader and starts trading extra timber with Pilkington and Foxwood. Mr. Frederick gave animal farm fake money, and they planned to plant dynamite at base of the windmill. The animal attack Mr. Frederick farm in the battle boxer gets badly injured. Though he is badly injured he keeps working.    Boxer’s strength fails; he collapses while pulling stone for the windmill. They tell pigs and pigs say they will bring him to a hospital but when a car arrives it says “Slaughterhouse” on the side of it. They hear Boxer trying to kick and get out of it but he can’t. Then pigs say he died at hospital Squealer insures pigs he wasn’t sent to slaughterhouse and that they just used an old car to pick him up so the animals are then relieved. Then all of a sudden they get a bunch of money the next day where none of the animals know where it came from Squealer insures pigs he wasn’t sent to slaughterhouse and that they just used an old car to pick him up so the animals are then relieved. Then all of a sudden they get a bunch of money the next day where none of the animals know where it came from.George Orwell wrote this book during the war as a fable in order to expose the seriousness of the dangers posed by Stalinism and totalitarian government. Orwell had several problems getting the novel published. First, he was putting forward an anti-Stalin book during a time when Western support for the Soviet Union was still high due to its support in Allied victories against Germany.I believe that this books is an amazing book to read and would read it again. You can see the deeper meaning of being isolated from everyone else and being alone on your own.