Animal of these products include; some foods, household

Animal testing is when a live animal is put through an experiment or test where it will likely be put in harm’s way, or a possibility of it. Animal testing is when animals are used in laboratories, where they are purposefully harmed, not for their own good. These animals are usually killed after the experiment ends. 
The big question still remains, “Should scientists be allowed to test animal products intended for human use on animals?” In my opinion, scientists should test human products on animals.  

Animal testing helps scientists determine whether a product is safe for human use, or not. Many things intended for human use, were first tested on animals. Toxicity tests on animals, that help estimate the safety of some chemicals and products, were developed in the beginning of the twentieth century. Some of these tests include experiments that measure the aggravation on the physical appearance of the animal, caused by the chemicals. Other test, include experiments that have effects which are non-visible to the human eye.

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These methods of testing on animals are still used nowadays. Many scientists still depend on animal experiments to validate their products, and governments still authorize these experiments. Many products purchased and used by people every day, were first tested on animals. Some of these products include; some foods, household cleaning products, bug sprays, makeup, etc… All these products have to first be used on animals to make sure they are not a danger to animal, human, or plant life.

There are many advantages to animal testing. Animal testing has contributed to life-saving cures and treatments, and has led to many progressions in medicine. Research shows, ‘almost every medical break through in the last 100 years has resulted directly from research using animals, or animal testing’.(1) Animal testing has also helped us in understanding conditions, such as; cancer, cystic fibrosis, Malaria, etc…

Other than that, there is no adequate alternative to testing on animals, other than testing on humans, as living bodies such as ours are very complex. Scientists have tried doing tests on cells in a dish, but it simply does not show the effects that the product can cause, in regards to the nervous system, immune system, or the circulatory system. For example, the reactions from the immune system can cause autoimmune diseases and the body will start ‘attacking itself’.

As to arguing that animal testing will not benefit animals, that has proven untrue. If vaccines were not tested on animals millions of people and animals would have died. ‘Animals would have died from rabies and anthrax. Humans would also die from the several diseases such as glaucoma, and hip dysplasia.'(1)

Thankfully, in Islam we are allowed to experiment on animals, as long as we don’t unnecessarily inflict pain on them, or harm them. There also has to be a real possibility of benefit to human beings rather than just blind experiments with no prior research or facts. That means, in our religion, scientists are allowed to experiment on animals.

As I have said, animal testing helps make our world better and has helped improve medicine, products, and technologies. Therefore, scientists should test products on animals, as it can be beneficial to humans and animals.


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