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Mr. Noel

24 January 2018

Clay Higgins

Clay Higgins was born on August 24, 1961 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Despite not
having any prior political experience, Higgins was elected to represent
Louisiana in the US House of Representatives in the year of 2016. The people of
Louisiana’s Third Congressional District thought the Higgins personal background
made up for the lack of experience in politics. His voting record on economic,
social, foreign policy, and defense bills proved that their faith in him was
well deserved.

Higgins was six years old, his family moved to Saint Tammany Parish where they
raised horses. Higgins grew up in a Catholic household and was the seventh
child out of a total of eight children. Higgins suffered a stutter as a child,
as a result of this Higgins’s teacher often hit him with a ruler when he
stuttered while reading out loud in class. “He soon developed a strong fear of possibly
stuttering, and eventually even communicating, as a result (Tetnowski).” This
led to his parents contacting a speech language pathologist to help him
overcome his speech obstacles. In 1979, Higgins graduated from Covington County
High School.

Higgins then decided to
attend Louisiana State University Baton Rouge and major in business. He
attended LSU from 1979 to 1983. In 1983, he decided to join the United States
Army/Louisiana National Guard and served in the military police for the next
six years earning him the rank of E-6 Staff Sargent. Before he left to serve in
the Army Higgins married Eloisa Rovati. Higgins decided to go back to LSU to
try and obtain a degree from 1989 to 1990 but leaving short of a degree. In May
of 1990, Higgins and his wife had a daughter but she died six months later in
November of an illness. Eloise later filed for divorce on the ground of adultery
and in 1991 their marriage of seven years was terminated.

He later married a woman
by the name of Rosemary Rothkamm-Hambrice. Rosemary gave him two children as
well as let him adopt her other child from a previous marriage. At this time
Higgins was in the midst of running a car dealership. Their marriage was
trouble and in 1998 Rosemary left Higgins for another man. Rosemary later filed
for divorce on the grounds of adultery and in 1999 their divorce was finalized,
but not before a judge stated that Higgins must pay child support for all three
children. With the loss of his children. Higgins decided to embrace his faith
and change careers.

So in 2004, Higgins
decided to go back to being a cop for the St. Landry Parish Police Department. He
went out on patrol but often worked the night shift, and later on became a SWAT
operator. In 2014, Sheriff Bobby Guildroz assigned him to Crime Stoppers duty.
During this assignment, Higgins took this time to explain to the criminal he
was trying to apprehend that there was a different path he could go down.
Higgins did so well talking to the criminals and their families that if the
criminal did not turn themselves in that their family often would. Shortly thereafter
he gained national fame for his weekly segments while earning the nickname the
Cajun John Wayne. In 2016, Higgins decided to retire after his last segment led
to a major controversy when he called young men that were alleged to be members
of a Louisiana gang called the Gremlins. He called these young men thugs,
animals, and heathens. After this, Higgins decided to would be best to retire
from law enforcement and to pursue a different way to serve his country.
Higgins then decided that he would run for Congress.

This was Higgins first
time ever running for a public office and he was going up against Scott
Angelle, a political veteran. Higgins was running to represent Louisiana’s Third
Congressional District as a Republican candidate despite not having any other
political experience suggesting that he would be a good fit for the job. “Louisiana’s
Third Congressional District is located in southern Louisiana and stretches
from the Texas border to the center of the state (Louisiana’s Third
Congressional District).” Acadia, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Jefferson Davis,
Lafayette, and St. Martin, St. Mary, Vermillion and parts of St. Landry Parish
all lie within the district area. The nature of his constituency is mostly
rural with some urban and suburban areas that are predominately conservative. Higgins
ran on the beliefs of a smaller government, less bureaucracy, free market,
strong national defense, and securing America’s borders. After winning the
runoff election held on December 10, 2016 Higgins sealed in seat in the US
House of Representatives at the age of fifty-six.

Higgins officially
started his term as a Congressman on January 3, 2017 and is still presently
serving. His committee assignments include Homeland Security, Science, Space,
and Technology, and Veterans’ Affairs. He also serves on several subcommittees
that include the Subcommittee on Environment (Science, Space and Technology),
Subcommittee on Health (Veterans’ Affairs), Subcommittee on Oversight and
Management Efficiency, Subcommittee on Oversight (Science, Space, and
Technology), Subcommittee on Space, and Transportation and Protective Security

Over the course of the
year Higgins had some major key votes on bills, which he voted yes for, dealing
with economics, foreign policy, social, and defense issues. Some of the bills
for Economics and Social issues included HR 1, HJ RES 123, HR 1 amendments, H
Con Res 71, HR 3354, and HR 601 including the amendments, HR 10, and HR 244.
Foreign Policy and Defense bills included HR 2810 including the amendments, HR
3219, HR 3364, HR 3180 on the second vote, HR 1301, and HR 3354. Not only did Higgins
have major keys this past year, but he also authored thirteen bill, cosponsored
ninety-four bills, and got four bills passed. “A committed Constitutionalist,
Congressman Higgins believes in restoring the federal government envisioned by
our Founding Fathers (About).” Higgins is running for reelection in 2018 in
which he is the incumbent, and is going up against Democratic candidate Phillip
Conner as well as Republican candidate Josh Guillory.

As I researched
Representative Clay Higgins, I evaluated not only who he is as a person but who
he is as a political leader. In my opinion, I believe that there should be more
people like him, someone who is not afraid to say what is on their mine,
running this country. He seems to have the best interest of the people he
represents in mind. He is a very respectable Christian man who earned his way
to Congress by doing right by the people in Louisiana’s Third Congressional
District and not because he could bribe his way to the top. He is not your
average politician and I think that is why people like him and what he has to

Clay Higgins is still
currently serving in the US House of Representatives for Louisiana’s Third
Congressional District. His rise to politics may be unconventional, but he made
it nonetheless. His unique journey to become Congressman shows that the
American dream is still alive and well. It shows that no matter what kind of
background a person comes from or even if you have no prior experience that
anyone can become a politician and serve their country.



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