Arnaldo (acids, tannins, skins, pulp, seeds), especially

Arnaldo Caprai


Purpose of Institution/Business

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Selling wines

Target Market

High purchasing
power market, especially B2B (hotels, restaurants…).

Outside Italy,
the main markets are North Europe, Japan, USA and China. Exports represent 40%
of its market.


Key partners

Milan University, the partner in the studies
developed at the winery; and luxury and top-quality wine distributors, like
Wilson Daniels.

Key activities

Front line Management
Produce and sell wines

Back office Management
The plantation and the research to use the
Sagrantino grapes in in large-scale wine production and to find the best ways
to manage new vineyards.


Key resources

The grapes
(acids, tannins, skins, pulp, seeds), especially the Sagrantino variety.

Value Propositions

What value is delivered to which markets?
than a high-quality wine, the Arnaldo Caprai Winery offers a unique
experience to their consumers to taste a Sagrantino wine differently from
what is known (in the old days, before the changes made by winery,
Sangrantino was used only for sweet wines). The winery sells the whole
research and development made on this variety, that has been growing in the
Montefalco region (middle of Italy) for more than 400 years. It is the mix of
tradition and culture with modernity.


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