Art that creativity also stems from our God.

Art Theme PaperIn my life, I believe that everything I do, whether it is school work, creating jewelry, writing a paper, or swimming, these all acts of worship. God is a masterful creator that formed the world from nothing. All colors and beauty came from His handiwork. It is there that an artist finds his or her inspiration. I believe that creativity also stems from our God. Being able to create using various art mediums is a talent, and all talents are spiritual gifts that are given from God. The definition of philosophy of art according to Britannica is, “The study of the nature of art including such concepts as interpretation, representation, and expression  and form.  It is closely related to aesthetics, the philosophical study of beauty.”  Art is the creation of something from nothing.  It may be formed from solid material such as clay, metal, stone, or wood.  However, it may also be formed from dust. In Genesis 1:27 it states,  “God created man in his own image…” (ESV).  Furthermore, Ephesians 2:10 goes on to say, “For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works…” (ESV). When I first entered the art room, I looked at clay, metal, stone, and wood as items to create objects; however,  I have discovered that it is so much greater than that.  God is the ultimate artist.  He created us from dust and breathed His breath into us.  Without that, there would be nothing.  As you begin to look at art as a glimpse of creation, you begin to understand the greatness of our God.I believe art is a talent given to people by our wonderful creator. Art is found in everything and everywhere in the world we live in. It does not have to be limited to paintings, sculptures and many other things that students do in art class on a daily basis. For an artist, can create art using whatever is around him or her. Art is such a beautiful talent that should not be taken for granted. To me art is something we can use to glorify God. A perfect example of this is Isaiah 64:48, when it says, “But now, O Lord, we are the clay and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand” (ESV). There are many verses in the Bible that exemplify the heart of the artist. I think that this verse supports my art philosophy the best because every facet of life should be a reflection of our walk with the Lord. I want everything I do whether it is a school assignment or not to be used for his glory. The vastness of my love for God is not able to be fully put into words, but I hope that by using various artforms my love for Him will be easily seen. Having a philosophy of art is important to have in the world because everyone is allowed to have his or her own opinion about how he or she believes. For me, art knows no bounds. It is somewhat limitless. Any object can be used to create something beautiful that is a reflection of who I am in Christ.  As the world seeps further into depravity and hatefulness towards God, I think that it is incredible that art can be used to reach people. So many people in our world are terrified to ever step inside a church, but art could be the key to reach these lost souls. How amazing would it be to create a piece that shows the heart of worship that I have. That spurns inside a stranger a desire to know the inspiration behind my work. Personally there is one massive absolute in my life and that would be my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I recognize that this is not an absolute for so many people in our world. Nonetheless, this is nonnegotiable for me. God is a truth in my life that cannot be denied, and I want this to be reflected in my art. I was raised in a Christian home. There was never a question of what my parents believed. I grew up going to church, and I never truly had any major doubts about who I was in Christ. However, when I got in my golf cart accident the summer of 2016, my worldview expanded. My eyes were opened even further and I began to enter into a greater understanding of my own walk. Throughout my time of healing from my golf cart accident, I definitely questioned my faith and why God would put that incident in my path. I soon realized that God was using me in some sort of way that I had to live up to. You would never think that something like that could happen to you. When it does, it can radically change how you feel. I soon realized how blessed I was that it was nothing worse than a broken foot and some really bad road rash. The accident could have caused severe injury and prevented me from being able to swim or create art. Even worse, it could have been fatal. I felt an incredible understanding that God had been my protector, and He must have a bigger plan for me in all of it. I thanked God that He had His hand on me throughout the horrific accident. I knew that He would be my Healer. I do not have any doubts that Christ is an immense aspect of my past, present, and future. I also feel that another absolute is that any aspect of our life can be a spiritual act of worship. In Psalms, it says that man thinks about vain things outside of themselves, but God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7, ESV). I think that our heart is a reflection of who we are in Christ. There is nothing in my life that should not be an attempt to glorify God. This should be true in my art too. Everything can be used for the glory of God and all moments can be turned into worship. I just need my heart to be open to who I am in Christ. Then, I can reflect who He is in me. These are the two absolutes that will always remain in my life.  Timothy Keller is a well respected theologian. He has helped many people with doubts in regards to faith discover who Christ is. In attempts to help people grasp their personal need for God, his thesis is simple – God is whether you believe in Him or not. He outlines why the story of Jesus is more than a story of a great man or philosopher. Jesus is the one and only son of God who took the place of all mankind to bridge the gap between God and man. Thus his first point is that the story of Jesus is the truth. Secondly, he points out that the story of Jesus is biographical and outlines His life, and this is the most important story. It had to be about Him because Jesus exemplified God in flesh, as this is exactly who He is. Yes, He encountered hardships and suffering. He experienced all the emotions that we do. Yet, He did so without flaw, as He was perfect. The Bible is a seamless story from start to finish about Jesus. In the beginning, He was there at the creation of the world, and He will be there when the world ends. Lastly, Keller points out that the Bible is masterfully written. It is the living, breathing Word of God. It is not filled with small bullet points – it all highlights the need for Jesus and who we can be in Him. Keller also discusses the need to live life with a purpose. He discusses the importance of knowing what we should believe and why we believe it. In his speech, Keller urges Christians to think through each and every decision. He states that Christians need to really consider their faith when they encounter hardships. This reminder is key. This thought can help ordinary people in their daily walks of life because many people just jump to bad reactions and not taking a step back and evaluating the situation as a whole. I think the body of Christ should stop criticizing others and talking down to them during rough times like divorce or cancer. They should look at them and act as Christ would by treating them with the utmost respect. We should treat them like Christ would, and this would make the world a better place. By doing this, it shares Christ’s message and allows him to live through us and shine bright. Many people can show “secondary beliefs” in different ways and not all people will have the same motivation. They take the same concepts or experiences away from it. But as for me, I would show love, kindness, hope, courage, and many other aspects of my faith throughout my artwork. I would do this to explain my opinion on secondary beliefs. I think that it can be very hard at times to stick to your beliefs, especially in regards to my artwork. It is such a deeply personal medium, and it often holds significant meaning in your life. When you openly share it with others, it is easy to be afraid of getting judged by your peers. We cannot live in that fear of disappointment. If we do this, then we are not glorifying God in all of our works. A person’s artwork should come from their thoughts and feelings and should leave others around them questioning why they did this piece and things like what inspired them. I believe that is a practical example because I would be showing God’s never ending love in my pieces. If I could create anything based on what I wrote in my art theory, it would be very challenging. This is because I think various types of art could tell my story. But if I had to pick; even though it is not jewelry, I would pick something to do with drawing or sketching. For me, the underlying theory for all of my art comes back to love. The type of love that can only stem from knowing Christ. A love so deeply personified in me that it radiates in all that I do, including my art. Love to me is found all art forms. Besides God’s unending love, I believe one of the most precious types of love is family. I would begin trying to relate some scripture into my piece and then begin to draw what I think represents family the best way possible. While creating my piece, I think I would incorporate numerous vibrant colors. I love adding color to artwork because it almost is the last step that brings all your hard work into life. Therefore, I believe that art can be an act of worship. A time to give a glimpse of the creative gifts granted from my Heavenly Father. Letting my guard down and opening myself to having my art speak from my heart would be so amazing. I would hope that my pieces clearly demonstrate the heart for others that I have. Ultimately, I want any art talent I have to be used for the glory of God. To show others my relationship with the Lord and the desire to love and be loved. 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