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As expected, RiJin and Do Hyun always see each other and go for dates. Do Hyun was excited to see RiJin for their special day so he planned to surprise RiJin by picking her up from work. Unexpectedly, Do Hyun had witnessed RiJin being hurt by her new patient who was very aggressive. Do Hyun suddenly remembered his awful past and felt really hurt but then he immediately controlled his emotions and stopped the situation. Do Hyun had dreamed of the five personalities he had before. He started to feel uneasy. Do Hyun had a fight with Se Gi in a dream and Do hyun was defeated. Se Gi woke up and pretended to be Do Hyun. Se Gi was back because he didn’t want RiJin to get hurt anymore. RiJin felt something different towards Do Hyun while talking to him. As if she was talking to Se Gi and she started to have doubts. She thought she may be wrong and that she should stop thinking any weird things about Do Hyun. RiJin visited Do Hyun at work and she saw Do Hyun looses his temper that she had seen from Se Gi before. She knew it. It was Se Gi. She started to think of a plan on how she could bring Do Hyun back. She confronted Se Gi and said that she already knew that it was him. Se Gi only wanted to protect RiJin at all times.Se Gi tried to convince RiJin saying that he just missed her that much that’s why he did that and he had no intention to cause trouble. Se Gi added that he thought RiJin would give him a chance once he proved how sincere he was with RiJin. RiJin, not as a psychiatrist but as a friend, listened well to Se Gi. RiJin fully understood Se Gi but she also knew the right thing to do. She asked Se Gi to stop and go back to where he should be. She apologized for not being able to accept Se Gi’s feelings for she truly loved Do Hyun and the fact the Se Gi was just part of Do Hyun.Se Gi cried. A lot. He asked RiJin if he could stay for at least one day to spend it with her again ( a date like before). Se Gi promised to bring Do Hyun back and won’t ever bother them again. The next day, they went to the park where they had their first date. Se Gi was genuinely happy. He thought that it was really about time to go. He was ready to leave RiJin and be happy for her own happiness. Se Gi thanked RiJin and said how lucky he was to meet someone like her. Se Gi immediately grabbed RiJin for a hug and as he kissed RiJin on the forehead with a tear on his eyes, he finally gave his goodbye. Se Gi left as Do Hyun woke up and came back. RiJin was so happy and she explained what had happened. They both cried. And RiJin promised Do Hyun that she would continue to live with him after everything that may happen.