As in Seattle, after a year delay

As companies rush to make the best and innovative inventions, it seems Amazon is ahead of the game. They released their Amazon Go to the public on January 22 in Seattle, after a year delay due to numerous and different technical issues because whenever there happened to be more than 20 people in the store, the cameras got confused and could not track everyone’s behavior and struggled to follow things that were put back onto the shelves. Amazon Go is an unusual grocery store with customers being able to purchase products without using a cashier or checkout station. Soon as you decide to walk in you will notice the hundreds of cameras on the ceiling and have to sign in with a swipe of the downloaded amazon app. The store relies on the camera and artificial intelligence to track every item you pick up and charge you as soon as you walk out. It’s in and out and can help you get what you need without worrying about long lines. There haven’t been any plans said by amazon about potential new Amazon Go locations outside of Seattle. Amazon also currently has no plans to import this technology to Whole Foods locations or sell it to other retailers, according to The New York Times.”What can we do to improve on convenience? What we always came back to was people don’t like waiting in line,” said Amazon Go technology Chief Dilip KumarSome have argued about how it’s decreasing jobs at the grocery store since there is no cashier but Amazon has been careful since the project was first revealed to explain that the technology is designed to increase convenience rather than minimize labor costs. Businesses are arguing back that employees who would have been cashiers are put up for other tasks such as cooking, checking IDs in the alcohol aisle, or helping with returns and other needs. There would still be various Amazon employees wandering around to help sort out any technical issues and to restock the shelves, also as well as chefs that you can watch prep meals in the kitchen for you.” I think this eliminated the time aspect of being there for a while but could hurt people who need jobs the most even if Amazon says it’s not taking away jobs,” said NHS Freshman Elizabeth Teixeira Amazon has recently bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. There is no say whether it plans to open any more Amazon Go stores or leave this as a one-of-a-kind novelty or yet what Amazon plans to do with the upscale grocer.. Another possibility is that it could use their new technology inside Whole Foods stores.  Amazon has laid price cuts for wares in Whole Foods stores nationwide and intended to integrate the grocer within its larger e-commerce platform. Amazon had just announced that it’s going to start selling its electronic devices at Whole Foods(echo dot, echo, kindle, etc.). Whole Foods had also reported that Amazon Prime would replace Whole Foods’ current loyalty program.